“Dare To Dream Small” released July 28, 2017, is artist Hafdis Huld’s latest album. She does not disappoint with a range of songs that bring out her soft angelic voice. This Icelandic artist has created another album full of joy and harmony based on today’s social media, pressuring us to live a certain life. “Dare To Dream Small,” was produced by long-time partner Alisdair Wright and songs written by some of her favourite co-writers. The album features the talented string quartet from the ‘Broadchurch’ soundtrack and was mixed by Addi 800. This album focuses on the positive outcomes in life that can bring us joy. For instance, in the song “Take Me Dancing” Hafdis expresses the simple joy of dancing with your loved one.

Hafdis started her career at the age of 15, joining the band GusGus in 1995. Hafdis later attended the London Centre of Contemporary Music, receiving a distinction upon graduation. Her solo career began in 2006, releasing her first album “Dirty Paper cups.” Throughout Hafdis’s career she has been nominated and won many awards. For example, in 2007, she was awarded the best pop album at the Icelandic music awards.

With the singer’s recent marriage and arrival of her daughter, Hafdis has slowed down her touring. She has released an upcoming tour date November 10th, 2018 in Liverpool, UK. So far, this appears to be the only one in the medium term.

Once again Hafdis has created an album that will truly capture the ears of her new and loyal admirers. Her latest album is not only musically inspiring but, offers the advice to focus on the many small positive rather than one big one. Hafdis shares the wisdom of finding all the joy and happiness you need from the little things in life.

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