Halie Loren’s ‘Butterfly Blue’ is a lovely example of gentle vocal jazz that never fails to warm the soul. There’s a pretty, wandering melody that runs through the veins of the entire album, scatty riffs that float like butterflies and charm the listener.

Halie Loren has the serenity of Norah Jones, the swing of Jamie Cullum and the language of Edith Piaf. That’s not a bad trio. She seamlessly flicks between French and English, never more brilliantly than on her rendition of ‘I Wish You Love’. The band play such an integral part in this album, so tight, and perfectly accompanying Loren’s voice. Punchy and bluesy when needed, on the wonderfully bouncy ‘Blue’. Piano & Organ: Matt Treder, Guitars: William Seiji Marsh & Daniel Gallo, Bass: Mark Schneider, Drums: Brian West, Horns: David Larsen (saxophones, clarinet), Joe Freuen (trombone), Dana Heitman (trumpet), Rob Birdwell (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Cello: Katherine Dudney.

The album finishes with the calm of ‘Peace’. Its jazzy meander through the heart is the perfect place to finish yet another wonderful album from Loren, it shows her maturity as an artist and a real understanding of melodic jazz. A great listen.