Pie Grande is a Mexican quintet that brings together musicians with a variety of interests, personal experiences and completely different backgrounds and influences. This combination results in an unusual mix of jazz with different rhythms such as funk and progressive rock.

In 2010 the group they recorded their first album with the same title, “Pie Grande” (Big foot). “Me Hago Viejo” (I’m getting old) is a second album featuring 10 recorded live tracks and runs for 78 minutes. All tracks are instrumental, but you get the feeling that there is a “voice”, often represented by the piano/keyboard with the harmony supplied by guitar and trumpet. The tracks are full of solos by all members, but mostly by keyboard. There is a fine balance between Jazz, Funk and Rock that is reminiscent with the sounds of the sixties and seventies.

Group: Emmanuel Cisneros (keyboard), Ramiro Barrios (drums), Gerardo “Alf” Castmu (guitar), Abraham Velasco (bass), Jose Guadalupe Lara (trumpet).