Melissa Aldana, the Chilean tenor saxophonist does not fail to disappoint in this, her fourth album as a lead ‘Back Home’. It’s a transportation into her flowing soul – that deep connection she has with her instrument is unwavering and you can feel it on this record. There’s a very laid back, casual precision to her saxophone that shows you what a controlled yet explorative instrumentalist she is.

What makes this album tick entirely is the telepathy between the trio. The only thing more exposing for a musician is a being a soloist, and these three execute the art flawlessly. There is a long standing partnership between these three, Pablo Menares on bass and Jochen Rueckert on drums and you can tell. Rueckert has a tender ease with his brushwork and drives when he needs to, most notably in the second half of the title track ‘Back Home’. Similarly Menares provides the foundation for Aldana’s exploration of the soul through her tenor sax.

This is an album filled with wonderful, easy listening jazz. Perfect for any occasion. Easy on the mind and soul and filled with flecks of genius that only a trio as tight as this could conjure.