As a self-taught artist, Rukiza Okera boasts a flourishing career as a photographer, filmmaker, poet, composer and recording artist. Rukiza Okera began his musical career playing the guitar and composing songs in church in Guyana, his natal country. Over the years, as his artistic talent developed, he formed a band and toured Suriname, Brazil and French Guyana.

Rukiza Okera gathered a diverse portfolio after settling in England in 1992. He performed with a reggae band across Europe and Asia and composed music for films and television. It was the European exposure which allowed him to witness the deep-rooted division of Africans residing in Europe. This observation sprouted the commencement of his learning and composing of songs in Kiswahili- a language considered to be the language of unity of Africa. Despite not being his native language, Rukiza Okera achieved international success upon the release of 3 Kiswahili albums which led to the setting up of his own label AFRIKANMUSIC L.T.D. and hosting performances in countries such as Tanzania and Tokyo.

Undoubtedly, his travels and appreciation for the myriad of cultures he has been exposed to continues to reflect in his music which can be described as a Modern African genre blended with various musical styles such as Reggae, Soca, Samba, Salsa, Rock and Jazz. His latest twelve tacks album, ‘ Nights in Osu’, continues to live up to this description. The album centres more on a Jazz theme and comprises of mostly upbeat and relaxing instrumental songs with the exception of two love-themed songs titled ‘Pauline’ and ‘What’s on Tonight?’. The album emanates Rukiza’s warm personality and the depth of his experience and as his past songs will be heard on many hit stations such as the BBC, German and French World Service.

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