This is a true embodiment of Sosa’s work, humble yet flawless in its approach and execution. He states in the cover of the CD: ‘there are concerts where you feel so good, you never want to forget. This one at Motion Blue in Yokohama was one of those, so I wanted to share it, just as it happened. I hope you enjoy it with the same passion we felt in the moment’.

Sosa has an extraordinary feel for music and his journey has taken him from Cuba to Ecuador’s African-descent communities and the Bay Area Latin jazz scene. The serene opening to this album, ‘Iyawo’, with his traditional style drifting, floating piano, allows for the introduction of the guitar and flutes to enter and wash over the listener without even realising it’s happening. It’s very rare to listen to a piece of music, when reviewing it in any case, and to forget that you’re critiquing. This album did just that.

Sosa once famously said: “Monk said, ‘Jazz is freedom, so I play music. If I ever play the same thing twice, I’ll stop making music.’”

He knows the pieces so well that the improvisation just fits and there’s never a note out of place, a stunning achievement for a live album as complex as this.

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