Based in Woolwich, London, comes this undiscovered rarity in electro-pop. The Duo Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson characterises their own individual Ooberfuse style with colour and vibrancy both inside and out of the recording studio.

This album is very special in successfully creating a space-like futuristic feel, with the prevalent use of a synth throughout. Their electronic acoustic pop clearly colours up contemporary life, making the listener feel elevated and yet lost in the deep and techno feel.

The song: “Don’t touch me” is more heartfelt and emotional, consisting of an ice-chill feel. One could argue as a listener the themes and contexts of isolation and misunderstanding are conveyed clearly throughout their music, through these techniques.

The music has an influence similar to MIKA or M.I.A, of light hearted pop with the overall genre celebrating diversity passion and energy creating a aligned atmosphere to the Woolwich area in London. With their fan base ever increasing who knows what heights this album could take this duo to.

Released: 9th June 2017 by Manilla Public Relations

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