Another Classic from Paco Renteria.

Paco Renteria’s ‘Gitanerias’ is a work of technical and purposeful, passionate Spanish guitar. He’s so adept in his fretwork you sometimes wonder whether it’s actually a human on the other side of the headphones. The album starts eerily, with the title track winding through four minutes of suspense and intrigue as to whats coming next. But it’s well worth the wait.

The finger wizardry is not just for show, the melody matches the brief. From the fast paced fury of ‘Gitanerias’, you are transported into the soft serenity of ‘Piel de Mujer’. This is a truly moving piece. I’m usually quite picky when choosing my personal playlists, but this one was a definite ‘add’. After listening to this song I decided very quickly that ‘Piel de Mujer’ is my favourite piece of classical music. It tells a story of love and desperation and it’s quite simply beautiful. The string work is phenomenal, so precise without being forced. There is genuine romance in this song.

If ever there was a better example of the change in pace and transportation on this album it’s the shift from ‘Piel de Mujer to ‘Mariachi’ a fast paced Mariachi track with rhythm and drive.

A quite simply brilliant album, once again, from the great Paco Renteria.

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