Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade are the three names that make up this incredible trio, formed out of the unbelievable Wayne Shorter Quartet. After having individual solo careers they’ve realigned for ‘Children of The Light’.

There’s a wonderful interplay between these three, and quite rightly so, they’ve been playing with each other for well over a decade. There’s such an even playing field when it comes to allowing each other the limelight. Usually in a trio you have one instrumentalist that tends to take the forefront, but that is not the case when speaking about these three.

In Children of the Light, perhaps the most notable elements is the brilliant foreplay between rhythm and tempo, the change up in pace and levels means every song becomes a new and intricate piece of artwork. ‘Sunburn and Mosquito’ is a wonderful example of this, a chase between the pianos is prevalent and it’s exciting. ‘Ballad for a Noble Man’ is a gentle reminder of friendship, it’s peaceful and in parts sombre but the overriding feeling is about honesty and love and the trio manage to convey this beautifully.

The album finishes with ‘African Wave’ a joyful and happy track that leaves the listener with a warm sensation. It’s the perfect end to an album full of wit, wisdom and charm with some impressive instrumentalism at the forefront of an album that Perez, Patitucci and Blade can most definitely be proud of.