“Personal Relations” is the 4th studio album of the Thomas Siffling Trio that came out of the 10th Band anniversary.

Thomas Siffling is one of the first German trumpet players who introduced electronic devices to extend the sound of his trumpet. For many years now, he continues to be amongst the pioneers of electronic influence in jazz.

Thomas describes his style as crossroad between several genres such as jazz, pop, and electronic elements but not forgetting his musical roots. He constantly experiments between the natural and electronic sounds in order to create diverse sound experience.

“Personal Relations” continues in the trio’s traditions of the mixture of acoustic and electronic jazz. The tempo of electronically infused pieces is significantly up compared to the traditionally approached tracks. For example, “Halleluiah” from Leonard Cohen and “Reflective” from Thomas Siffling deliver a amazing melody guidance, transparency and depth, while titles, such as “Bustling” and “When time of state quietly for a moment” have more progressive moves and radiate more energy.

Trio: Thomas Siffling trumpet, fluegelhorn, electronics. Jens Loh bass, electronics. Markus Faller drums, percussion.

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