Putumayo Kids album ‘Jazz Playground’ is your starter pack for Jazz. It covers all the bases from swing through to gypsy, from ‘Stomp’ to ‘Spiderman’ (the second track on the album) which is a child’s latin, superhero heaven. If we’re entirely honest, this is not ground-breaking Jazz music. It doesn’t push the boat out into the murky waters of what could and could not be classified as Jazz. But then again, it does not profess to be. This is an album aimed at children and goes a long way to teaching natural rhythm and introducing the roots and the basics of jazz, whilst managing to transcend cultures from Canada to Cuba, from Japan to Johannesburg.

Putumayo wants its younger listeners to tap their feet and dance to the music and the walking basslines and twinkling, high end saxophones ensure they will. If they’re not careful the adults will be joining in too!

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