It’s not easy to pin down exactly the type of artist that Sarah Elizabeth Charles is. Her vocal work is so adaptable and diverse that she doesn’t necessarily slip seamlessly into the jazz category. Whilst her discipline is probably classified as jazz, she has this hypnotic, trance-like wandering tone that lends itself to other genres as well.

This album shows a genuine maturity for her art that is beyond her years. This is a deep-rooted album that comes directly from Charles’ heart – there is a real blend of technique and sound. There is a gentleness to her work ‘And Now I Know’ is the perfect example of this, it’s a calm track with touches of edge, a rolling piano and a little background funk organ to bring life and light to a jazzy affair.

Christian Scott appears on two of the tracks, who Charles co-produced the album with. He adds an air of elegance to the tracks and there’s nothing like a personal touch to put a producers stamp down on an album.

Another classic from Sarah Elizabeth Charles.