A fine, fine example of how to make a great live record. Opening with ‘Smoke Alarm’ the musicians literally swing into full flow, Smoky flying into perfect rhythm with controlled but heartfelt harmonica work, and immediately you want to listen to the next track.

There are punchy basslines throughout this album, perhaps none more so than on the third track of the album ‘Peter Gunn’. David Hyde on bass opens with a cheeky walking bassline. Imagine ‘Billie Jean’ meets T Rex. Greenwell steps up with his tenor sax and the rest is history.

There are a couple of feet-tapping, hip jigging tracks down the line as well. The grooving 12 bar blues of ‘Jodie’ and Greenwell’s harp led ‘Back to The Boogie’ never fail to impress.

Smoky Greenwell does not fail to live up to expectation in this CD/DVD combo, an amalgamation of his Monday late night jams at The Old U.S Mint Club.

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