When one thinks of post punk/ Brit pop, the town of Bury St Edmunds does not immediately come to mind, especially with main influences evolving from Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford and London. The album has been named after the town’s nickname, which had evolved from Bury’s largest landmark being the British Sugar factory built in 1925.

The album: “This is the Sound of Sugar Town Vol 2” was released after huge success with Volume 1, (released in November 2015). This compilation of artists continues to convey a rebellious theme, in response to the government cuts to local funding. In response to this the album was recorded to raise money for their local East Anglian mental health charity: Julian Support.

Side 1 begins with a grumbling baseline, with psychedelic noise prevalent throughout. The piece by: “Sun Scream” has a harmonic charm to it conveying a seductive feel.

Throughout the album there is a post punk feel with a clear relationship and atmosphere to Brit pop. Some of the songs, including; “The Sensitive Side to Bill Sykes” by Janet Street Slaughter, have more of a psychotic feel to them. As many of the artists and co-curators chose a charity that they had a strong connection with, one could argue that the psychotic feel is a subtle undertone linking the album and the charity.

This album is successful in emphasising and evoking the social landscape of Bury St Edmunds. What is not to like if all profits and funds are going to charity?

Released on the 7th July by Repeat Records