We are proud to announce the 1st Seychelles Russian Business Forum being held in Russian language.

SRBF 2014 is a 3-day investment conference providing its participants a range of practical solutions in the field of investment on Seychelles Islands.

The essential purpose of SRBF 2014 is to comprehensively inform Russian-speaking investors about Seychelles investment programs, legal and taxation support to investors, conditions and opportunities for launching and developing business in Seychelles.

SRBF 2014 participants are given a unique opportunity to receive answers on their questions straightly from representatives of the Seychelles authorities, such as Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment, Seychelles Investment Board, Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Department of Immigration, as well as bankers, lawyers and the business community members.

Seychelles Russian Business Forum 2014 is an international business event translated directly into Russian and English languages. It is a great opportunity to launch a straight dialogue both with a business community and government sector in B2B format. SRBF 2014 is going to visit more than 100 participants, including representatives of the local government authorities and business communities from CIS countries and the Republic of Seychelles.


SRBF 2014 is expected to bring together Russian-speaking and Seychelles delegates. We are honored to announce that Seychelles delegation will represent Seychelles Investment Board supported by the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment on behalf of of the Seychelles Government as well as members of the private sector. To join SRBF 2014 Russian-speaking delegation are invited businessmen from The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Israel, Czech Republic, Germany and other countries.

All projects agreed at the SRBF 2014 will be carefully looked after!


Seychelles Russian Business Forum 2014 website: www.srbf.org

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