On Sunday 5th October 2014, The Dominican High Commission hosted their very first Parade of Creole Fashion event.

The prestigious event was a youth-focused venture with the aim to widen the scope and reach of Dominica’s history, heritage, culture and tourism in the United Kingdom. Firstly among citizens of the island who have migrated to the UK and then by extension, their extended families and descendants.

The event was an official launch of a wider initiative, ‘The Waitukubuli Culture and Tourism Initiative’, where the vision behind the project is to increase and strengthen the creole culture in the United Kingdom and the Dominican youth movement. By educating, entertaining and engaging young people through events such as the Creole Fashion parade, so that they learn more about the Nature Isle of the Caribbean and can then go on to contribute to the promotion of its arts, culture and tourism.

The event was successful in connecting a large number of individuals of second, third, fourth generation Dominicans and their families residing in the UK. The exquisite afternoon consisted of live music, food and speeches.