The annual New Orleans Jazz Festival is always the most anticipated event of the year for culture and music lovers in Louisiana. The iconic festival has taken place every year since 1970 and it only gets bigger and better with time. However, the epic parties and celebrations of the festival start well before the doors open and the bands start playing on the stage. The New Orleans jazz festival is an all-day event that begins with a hearty New Orleans feast, amazing entertainment, and a few cocktails on the side.

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An epic breakfast

As amazing and fun as festivals are, those who attend need to be in the best shape possible to keep going all day. If you want to get the most out of your New Orleans jazz festival adventure, you’ll need to have a large breakfast. Those at the pre-party will be exposed to a variety of creole food, like cheddar sliders with bacon or a large serving of pancakes and eggs. Most people make breakfast a celebratory affair with a cold glass of wine.

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Indulge in a four-course meal

For a more extravagant pre-festival party, many people opt for an all-inclusive banquet where they’ll be treated to a four-course meal with luxurious nibbles from independent New Orleans restaurants in between. At a pre-party, guests will be treated like royalty with a tasty cocktail on arrival. Meat lovers will be in their element, as there is always a platter of succulent and quality meats to sample, like wild turkey and brisket that you can cut through like butter. You can also expect to see classic New Orleans speciality dishes, like gumbo and fresh oysters. The pre-festival feast is best enjoyed at a slower pace with a crisp glass of champagne in hand.

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A chance to wet your whistle

Alcohol is an integral part of the pre-festival experience; each year local breweries bring their goods to the pre-party, allowing people to sample the best beers and spirits in New Orleans. Bourbon tasting is popular among party goers who get to experience the eclectic flavours from each brand. Partaking in a cocktail masterclass is always fun; people allow their food to settle while they sip on sweet and fruity cocktails that are unique to New Orleans, including Sazerac which is said the be the world’s very first cocktail.

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Entertainment while you eat and drink

The best thing about the pre-party is that attendees don’t have to wait to get into the festival grounds to see some entertainment; there are always activities taking place at the festival pre-parties. During this time, kids can enjoy crafts’ stalls and listen to some up and coming jazz artists. There will also be live panels and competitions taking place that will ensure those at the party never get bored.

For some people, the New Orleans Jazz Festival pre-party is an integral part of the entire experience; some would even say that it’s their favourite part. Feasting on delicious food and enjoying some drinks is a great way to get excited and prepared for the main event.

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