In the previous issues. 21 and 22, of Kreol Magazine, we featured numerous individuals and families whose stories have touched many people. We have received amazing feedback from readers across the world who felt a strong connection to the stories we published. To celebrate these incredible stories and people involved, Kreol organised three “Signing Events”. Two events took place in Scott, Louisiana, “The Boudin Capital of the World.” Only 5.1 miles west of Lafayette, Scott had held its annual Boudin Festival in April this year.

The first event took place on 4th April 2018 at C’est Bon, 100 feet distant from Don’s Specialty Meats, Scott, LA. Mayor of Scott, Mr Purvis Morrison and Mrs Mary Morrison hosted the event. Kreol Magazine was proud to have them as the cover feature of its 22nd issue.

On Friday the 20th April, Kreol held the second signing event at the same location. On this occasion, Kreol celebrated articles featuring Scott’s Mayor Purvis Morrison and his wife Mary, Professor Aaron Harris, the Vallot Family story, beauty queen Jackie Marks and Jean Faure. Official duties were performed by MC Jerrod Guillory, a professional comedian. Remarks and a blessing were delivered by Father Jerome LeDoux, Mayor Purvis Morrison spoke of some of his favourite things about Scott. Professor Aaron Harris quickly made everyone appreciate how one could rise from a plantation hand to be a distinguished professor. The Vallot Family was very well represented by Donny Vallot. Likewise, Joseph “T-Jo” Sigue did the Jeanerette Mardi Grass Crew proud. Beauty queens Melissa Anderson and Jackie Marks focused everybody’s attention. Dr. Marcus Jones, Vice President of Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, highlighted the strong connections between his university and the mission of Kreol International Magazine.

The third event was held in Tremé, New Orleans and hosted by Joan D Rhodes. It was a wonderful occasion, attended by so many, who had an opportunity to meet kindred spirits. It was reward indeed for Kreol Magazine to be singled out as one of many cogs whose main thrust is to, “Improve lives”, by uniting us with Kreol’s strapline: “Separated by water but United by culture.”

Over the next 3 spreads you will find the photo gallery from these three events.

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  1. Hector Javier Linarte

    You have done a disservice to Kriols/Creoles in Nicaragua by profiling an apologist of the worst criminal dictator in Nicaragua. Your article on Anasha Campbell on May 29, 2019 profiled an enemy of Afro descendants and representative of Nicaragua’s Uncle Tom. It appears, the reporter lacks intelectual integrity and didn’t do the proper research on the profiled subject.


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