Taking inspiration from African, Caribbean, Hip Hop and Street Dance. ‘Afro-Fusion’ classes will get you fit, healthy, learning new moves, meeting new friends and performing in major city events! Running until October 29th every Wednesday at 6pm at The Black-E, Liverpool City Centre.

The classes are part of Movema’s year-round programme of dance classes and ‘World Dance Wednesdays’, funded by Liverpool City Council.  The programme gives participants the chance to learn techniques and routines from specific countries or cultures in a fun and engaging atmosphere and the opportunity to perform at local festivals and events if they wish.

The classes run for 8 weeks and culminate in performances at the Afro Vibes Festival 27th October and Liverpool Lantern Festival 1st November.

Anyone over 8 years old can drop in take part for just £4.50/£2.50 concession.

Why not come as a whole family?

Inola Wade and her six year old daughter Lola, come to the classes every week.

Inola thinks “There’s nothing else like it in this city. it’s a good way of doing something together. It’s enjoyable, keeping fit together.” Lola was “shy at first but now she loves the classes”.

Ithalia Forel who runs the classes says “Our classes are right in the middle of the city and it’s great seeing people from all over Liverpool come and make friends and dance together. The classes are full of keen people of all ages and they just love it”

Call us on 07548365869 or find out more online at www.movema.co.uk