The only way to catch some sun in the cold and frosty streets of London in Winter is to imagine that you’re someplace else. Somewhere hot and tropical, where you feel the heat warming you up from the inside, and all you see around you is majestic blue water, as clear as crystal, palm trees greener and brighter than ever and vibrantly dressed people dancing by happily. As Patricia Ogundero launches her new paintings all relating to the theme, ‘Dancing in the Sun’, at the Tabernacle Galley in London, this is almost very much possible!

Patricia Ogundero is a professional Artist who practices and masters her craft in London. She has held 10 successful solo exhibitions over the years, including a solo at The Commonwealth Club in 2008 and The Tabernacle Gallery in 2011. Patricia has also taken part in several group exhibitions.

On November 13th 2014, Kreol Magazine attended a private viewing where Patricia Ogundero exhibited her new art work. Patricia’s paintings reflect her mind and nature transformed into a new creation. She paints in vivacious colours and her paintings are mainly stylized and experimental with colours, tones and texture.

Patricia describes the meaning behind this particular art work, “Dancing in the sun has given me the opportunity to explore the topic; the emotions, sounds, music, love, joy, ecstasy and reflections, all inspired by shapes and forms from diverse cultures and especially of African art motifs and abstract expressionism of a simple yet complex statement”.

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