Known for his energetic contributions to the jam sessions at previous editions of PAP JAZZ HAITI, Amazan Audoine’s performance at this year’s event will be eagerly anticipated. Here Kreol takes a look at his background and sets the scene for the upcoming show.

One of the most exciting elements of the forthcoming Port au Prince International Jazz Festival (PAP JAZZ) 2018, is the number of new Haitian artists who will be showcased at the event. The Friday at FOKAL (The Knowledge and Freedom Foundation) on 10th March promises to be the highlight of this exploration of homegrown talent, and closing the show will be a young trumpeter who is currently making waves – Amazan Audoine.

Having made his name as part of PAP JAZZ’s jam session, his mature playing style belies his youthful age. Like so many jazz musicians, as his career has progressed he has teamed up with likeminded artists to form a group. On the festival’s “scène découverte”, he will get together with pianist Caleb Texier, drummer Jude Davens Texier and electrical bassist Mardochée Williams.

Amazan Audoine will take to the stage at 4.00pm, the last act in a fresh, and exclusively Haitian line up also featuring his contemporaries Nina, HD Symphonie and Coralie Hérard.

The trumpeter earned some very positive reviews for his performances at PAP JAZZ 2015 (the 9th edition) where he demonstrated his skills in a jam session. The confidence which permeates through Amazan Audoine’s playing might have something to do with the age at which he first fell in love with the instrument – when attending church at the age of 12.

He is one of the artists who have appeared at the Haiti Jazz Club, a regular Friday night affair held in Port au Prince. Like many of the new generation of Haitian jazz artists, he has a considerable online presence, and you can find a lot of his music through the internet. If you can’t wait until the festival to hear Amazan Audoine, check out his Soundcloud page here.

While Amazan Audione hasn’t made it to high profile events overseas, PAP JAZZ will surely act as a stepping stone as he aims to take his career to another level.

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