Loving themselves some ‘Haitian boys,’ as they sing, the three beautiful Brooklyn, New York women that make up the group BEL have more than just a passing fancy for Haiti and its handsome men. As the daughters of Haitian immigrants who made their way to the Big Apple and its Caribbean communities, the ladies of BEL have been able to successfully infuse their music with singular Creole stylings blended with the English language. The result of their fusion music is their unforgettable song “Haitian Boy” that is at once a celebration of their island home as well as a tribute to the Haitian men that inspire them.

The Bombshells of BEL

Mickael Music, Melanie Charles and China Blak make up BEL, a band name and branding that at once stands for beauty, but also much more. As the women themselves assert, BEL also means “Three Girls. Three stories. Three voices. Three letters. For one Haiti.” This is their mantra and it pays homage to their West Indian roots that are celebrated in their music and lyrics. The women of BEL are a bevy of natural beauties who bring a mix of Creole, Hip-Hop, and a je ne said quoi element to their music. While their signature tune honors Haitian men, their musical project’s name is a tribute to all Haitian women. In fact, reports suggest that the musical project may also invite other women as well as other musicians to participate in future tracks.

For Love of Haiti

It’s safe to say that these women would be singing and celebrating their homeland no matter what. Yet the recent natural disaster that struck Haiti has brought its world-wide community together in extraordinary ways. Singing about Haiti draws people’s attention to the island nation, its culture, its music, and, certainly, its recent plight. The 2010 earthquake wreaked unforgettable havoc on the island. Many people are still in need. BEL wrote “Haitian Boy” to celebrate the spirit of Haiti. They are also devoting some proceeds of their project to help rebuild their distant homeland.

Those Boys

While Haiti remained in their hearts even growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, BEL created their signature song “Haitian Boy” to honor both Haiti and its men. In some ways it’s the perfect song for a couple of Brooklyn ladies to sing about with a love of the islands strong in their hearts. The song is at once sweet but also unmistakably sexy. Haitian producer, Shedly Abraham produced “Haitian Boy” for BEL and Nickenson Prudhomme played keyboards for the recording and Makarios Cesaire played guitar for the sultry single. The song is an island fusion of music with flashings of Creole, Hip-Hop, Soul, and, perhaps, even a touch of jazz. The styles come together to create a song that is something altogether new–vibrant and bold.

Those Girls

The fantastic thing about the ladies of BEL is that they are undeniably authentic. Unlike previous girl groups that dressed alike, wore their hair and make-up alike, these women take a different path completely. They each bring their individual style to the stage so that each stands out in her own right. Unlike the staged “images” of former girl groups like the Spice Girls for instance where image was produced and seemingly packaged, the images of BEL’s ladies are au naturel. Their genuine flavor comes through loud, strong, and beautiful! Fans will appreciate getting the true article when they watch the video for “Haitian Boy,” for example. Of course, one can’t help but get caught up in each woman’s unique style; yet somehow their style and looks never get in the way of the music, of the song and its message.


Luscious looks and unmistakable sex appeal definitely shine through the video for “Haitian Boy;” yet the celebration for the men in the video is also perfectly evident. It’s a great balance between the women and the hot Haitian men they admire. In a simplistic way, it’s simply a fun video to watch–a real joy. There must have been great joy on the set as BEL made the video. Fans can feel the real love for culture and the real admiration for one another. It’s quite lovely to listen to a feel-good song that props people up–doesn’t push them down.

While “Haitian Boy” is a song to love, its video is too! See the video and check out the women of BEL yourself. Moreover, stay tuned for more from these lovely ladies. With the success of their single, the women plan to continue with this project and develop other singles that showcase their musical leanings. Each woman brings her own musical flair and style to the plate. Future tracks are apt to capture the fusion of the three tastes as well as the unique qualities of each woman. Other musicians are also likely to be featured on subsequent BEL offerings. For now, enjoy “Haitian Boy” and visit BEL’s website to find out more about their future plans and latest news about charitable donations to their motherland.