Colé Van Dais lists her inspirations as ‘My inner voice, my heart, my mother, The Universe’. These inspirations have certainly helped her achieve great success. The multi-talented and beautiful South African singer, TV presenter and actress has toured many countries and her music has been widely acclaimed by critics.

Cole Van DaisVan Dais began singing at an early age. She performed with the girl band, Simply Irresistible, in South Africa and Namibia. They toured schools, resorts, and festivals in Africa. She also made several appearances on TV and radio.

Young and ambitious, Van Dais eventually decided to leave South Africa for Great Britain. The artist won a bursary to study drama at Whitehall College but she had to remain in London due to work commitments. She decided to study rock, pop and soul singing at City Lit College, an adult education centre in Holborn, instead. Although she sings the songs of many different genres, including country and old standards, the singer’s first love is still singing soul and jazz songs.

The singer soon began performing her songs in several countries, including the United States and Australia. She made regular appearances at the festival, Pizza on the Park, in Hyde Park in London and she also toured Park and Haven holiday resorts. Van Dais was also chosen to be the supporting artist for such famous acts as George Harrison and the Village People.

Van Dais has also acted in several shows. These include the pantomime, Cinderella, and the musical, Grease. She had a starring role as Rizzo in Grease which toured Scotland. She also acted in many TV shows, including Midsomer Murders, a popular British crime drama. Van Dais played Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Suzanna Harvey, in the ITV documentary, Prince Harry Laid Bare.

Colé Van Dais has also achieved great success as a TV presenter. She hosted and co-produced an alternative health talk show, Mind, Body, Spirit, on SKY TV. Millions of people watched this extremely popular show. Van Dais is a qualified alternative therapist with experience in applying sound therapy to help calm mentally disabled children so she was the ideal choice to host this show.

The artist eventually went back to Johannesburg, where she now lives. Here she performs at nightclubs and corporate functions and many other venues. She writes her own songs in Afrikaans, Spanish, and English as well as performing songs by such artists as Tori Amos and The Corrs.

Van Dais also presents tribute shows to several artists, such as Madonna and ABBA. The beautiful singer also presents a tribute show to the James Bond films in which she sings the famous songs of many of the movies. She dresses in glamorous costumes and has a team of dancers in the show. Fans can buy a CD of Van Dais singing these songs, including ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘Moonraker’. These have been acclaimed by critics and they have been very popular.

A recent highlight of Van Dais’s career was performing at the 35th Anniversary of the independence of the Seychelles at Freedom park in Victoria on the Island of Mahe in June 2011.

The South African singer has recently decided to focus on Europe. Her latest album, which was launched this year, features many Eurovision cover versions. She sings these in the Afrikaans language. The songs on the CD include the Georgian entry for 2008, ‘Peace will Come’, the 2007 entry for Denmark, ‘Drama Queen’, and the Romanian entry for 2009, ‘Balkan Girls’. Van Dais sings ‘Peace will Come’ as a duet with Marc Rantselli.

Van Dais explained to a fan why she wanted to sing the songs in Afrikaans. She wrote that: ‘The songs are so beautiful I just felt that I wanted to bring them to my country and let the Afrikaans people experience it in their own language. I just love singing them all.’

Van Dais’s Charity Work

Van Dais is passionately committed to several different causes. These include the plight of the rhinoceros in Africa. There has been an increase in the number of rhinoceros killed for their horns recently. These horns are sold in China and Vietnam where many people believe that they have aphrodisiac or medicinal properties.

The concerned singer argues that ‘we have to do something about the rhino poaching problem fast’. She wrote a song, ‘Heartless’, which is dedicated to the mother and baby rhino which she found on her partner’s farm last year. The animals had been brutally murdered.

She is now raising funds to make educational programmes about rhinoceros and the poaching problem. These will be presented by the singer and Mad Mike (from the programme, Animal Planet). She also supports World Rhino day.

A shining South African star, Colé Van Dais continues to achieve success after success. Thousands of her fans look forward to watching her concerts and buying her CDs.

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