With nearly-twenty five years absence on the Seychelles musical arena, the Internationally recognised and hugely popular band ‘Kassav’ is making its come back in Seychelles for 29th editions of Festival Kreol 2014 this coming October.

Kassav’s twenty-two team members not forgetting its core members Jean Philippe, Jacob F Desvarieux, George Demicus, Jean Claude Naimro, Mathely and lead singer Jocelyne Beorard will make an exceptional tour in Seychelles for Festival Kreol 2014 in October.

In 1991, Kassav gave their last public performance in Seychelles. In 2014, the group surprised the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Seychelles National Arts Council by accepting to fly to Seychelles to give a live concert in Victoria during the 2014 Festival Kreol. In a Press Conference at ESPACE Building Haron Rose, ‘Kassav’ Producer for the Seychelles Tour said that the Guadeloupian band is still a global phenomenon.

’’The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the National Arts Council had a perfect idea of giving more dynamism to the Seychelles unique Festival Kreol. Kassav, with its International reputation is the ideal group to re-launch Festival Kreol and give the 2014 edition a special touch’’  Haron Rose said.

Kassav, the popular Guadeloupe Band was formed in 1979 and celebrated this its 35th anniversary this year. Kassav greatest hits from its golden era still bring a nostalgic sense to Seychellois fans of the legendary Jacob F Desvarieux and Jocelyne Beorard.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture said the thousands who appreciated Kassav’s live performance in Seychelles in 1991 will during this October Festival Kreol have an opportunity to catch up with times and the younger generation will have the unique opportunity to indulge into zouk music with a Creole flavour.

The Minister added the Seychelles will mark the presence of Kassav to re-launch its Festival Kreol to new heights.

‘’This year we wanted to do something special for Festival Kreol. We’ve taken a big challenge. We’ve invited Kassav to Seychelles and we were happy the group accepted our invitation. Kassav will be the spotlight of our Festival to showcase the spirit of the World of Creoles coming together to Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World. We will use the group to re-launch Festival Kreol, the festival that unites the Creole Populations of the world’’ Alain St.Ange, the Minister for Tourism and Culture said. Seychelles is the home of the International Creole Institute which was opened jointly by President Didier Robert of La Reunion, Minister Jean Paul Adam of Seychelles and Jean Claude De L’Estrac, the Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission in the presence of Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture. In Seychelles Creole is the main National Language along with English and French and it is taught in schools. The annual Festival Kreol in Seychelles is the only festival for the Creole populations of the World who descend on the islands every October to share experiences and to show to the world what it is to be a proud Creole.