The music industry is full of faceless artists producing tunes and songs that all sound the same. The greatest artists are the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves, to be different. Eden Jones may not be a household name, but her sounds are uniquely her own. In this article Kreol looks at her life and her artistry

There are many individuals in this world who call themselves musicians. In reality anyone can be a musician. Each year, millions of children around the globe participate in school choirs or play an instrument in a marching band. There is a difference between a musician and an artist. Some people have the talent, but lack the drive to follow music. On the other hand, individuals like Eden Jones have the talent and the artistic vision to create music that is truly unique.

In order to succeed, you must have the passion to follow your dreams and the commitment to see the journey through to the end. Eden Jones came from a musical family, and she followed her passion for music down whatever path it took her. Today, she is a rising musical star with a genuine connection to her music and a desire to simply enjoy the ride as she pursues a love of music that started as a young child.

Born into Music

Eden is one of four children and was born in the UK in 1988. Along with her brother and two sisters, she was brought up on music by her father. The children spent countless hours during their youth listening to BBC Radio 2, which plays a wide variety of music from modern pop to swing and ragtime melodies. From an early age, all the children developed their own unique taste in music courtesy of their exposure to BBC Radio 2.

Despite their own taste in music, Eden and her siblings all grew up with a respect and understanding of various musical genres. Her household offered the perfect environment to nurture an aspiring artist. When she was just two years old, her parents bought her a wooden piano as an outlet for her musical talents. She still has that piano today.

Musical experiences were both personal and shared in the Jones household. In her own words, she described her musical recollection for her childhood as follows:

“One of my fondest memories growing up was when my parents gave the four of us children the South Pacific Musical Album. We spent weeks learning the songs and making up dances. To this day, the songs from that show hold a very special place in my heart.”

Discovering Herself

The greatest challenge any artist will face is an identity crisis. It is one thing to have musical talent, but discovering your own musical identity can be very difficult. As a young student, Eden’s musical career was almost derailed before it could blossom because of a choir teacher. Her voice has always been her greatest asset, but one day in school her choir teacher told her that she sang too loud and seemed to like the sound of her own voice too much.

Eden spent the rest of her time in that class miming the words so that her teacher wouldn’t hear her voice. For years that left Eden feeling as though she needed to try and sing like everyone else. As Eden describes it, that all changed three years ago:

“When I met songwriter Andy Love, I had the support to sing how I wanted to, and from that came so many opportunities and the beginning of this journey.”

In recent years, Eden has turned to her love of various musical genres to further discover her unique sound, and strengthen her connection to the art. She listens to a lot of vinyl recordings from iconic artists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and Buddy Holly. Any music with soulful sounds and a story to tell is appealing to her sense of artistry.

One look at her list of favorite albums, and you’ll see just how unique her musical style can be. In no particular order, Eden would want the following albums in hand if she could only listen to three albums for the next 30 years: Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms; Nat King Cole, The Unforgettable Album; and Cold Play, Mylo Xymoto.

Each album represents an artist and a sound that reminds her of why she loves music, and powers her on her journey through the industry. Dire Straits reminds her of her father, the man responsible for nurturing her early love of music. Nat King Cole’s “Smile” track never fails to produce a smile on her face, and Cold Play’s album reminds her of the beginning of her journey in the industry.

Eden Jones, the Artist

For every artist, inspiration is key. If pressed, most musicians could provide a clear explanation of the people, events, and sounds that have inspired them over the years and continue to push them forward today. Music is not a weekend or evening pursuit for Eden. As she has worked toward the release of her debut album of the past two years, she has learned to spend every day honing her skills and improving her craft. With each passing day, she uses a different technique for perfecting her musical style.

She views her music as a diary of her life, so she cannot imagine anyone but herself writing lyrics for her albums. Although she works closely with producers and other writers, she describes the process in depth as follows:

“We go into the studio and usually have a bit of a chat about a situation in my life, a story from my past, or a feeling that I have. Then we start writing a melody that portrays that. The lyrics usually just fit into place. I really love writing this way as it means the other people involved understand what the song is truly about.”

There are a lot of other factors that shape who Eden is as an artist. She loves to perform anywhere she can, at any time. Whether it is an organized concert, an appearance on television or radio, or simply playing a gig at a local club, Eden will capitalise on any chance to practice her craft and share her music with others.

When she’s not writing or performing, Eden has a number of other pursuits that help her hone her skills and nurture her talents as an artist. She practices a variety of vocals each day, ranging from pop to opera. As she sees it, the vocal cords are like any muscle in the body. If you don’t exercise them, they won’t get better. She is particularly fond of a set of watercolours handed down to her following her grandfather’s death. Though painting is not her ideal craft, it is nonetheless an artistic expression that helps her discover who she is as an artist.

As for her sources of inspiration, Eden draws from everything around her. Whether she is traveling the world and immersing herself in the language and culture of different people, or collaborating with other artists, she is a sponge. She soaks in all of life’s experiences to help shape her unique musical style.

Connecting with People

Eden doesn’t desire to become a music teacher at any point in her life, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hoping to have an impact on people’s lives. Her ultimate goal is to spread her music to as many people as possible. When it comes to advice for other young artists, her message is simple:

“Enjoy the journey. Not everyone will get to do what they aspire to, but the journey can be so incredible. It’s so important to appreciate that and to enjoy every second of making your dreams come true.”

Eden Jones

Photo: Chris Bulezuik