Self-described as “Arty pop-rock music with a serving of punk”, five-piece band Lover offers a unique perspective on music, in part thanks to their varied and fascinating lives that have converged into the perfect combination of commanding music and impressive stage presence. If you’re a fan of 80’s pop, the softer side of rock or music with a high level of sass, then Lover has all you need from a musical performance.

The irrepressible Sarah Bradbury and band members

Lover is fronted by lead singer Sarah Bradbury, whose stage presence is punctuated by deep lunges and backbends. She originates from Oxford, but fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the big city, travelling between New York and London and teaching Yoga before she discovered her real passion, music. With training at The Actors Studio in New York as well as at the Doreen Bird College in London, Sarah has risen to new heights with her powerful vocals and vibrant stage persona.

Simon Lacon, Lover’s bassist, has a far more technical history, with previous work in sound engineering offering him a unique perspective of the band’s success and direction both on and off the stage. He’s a fan of, “A dirty bass line and kneeling as he plays”, in a classic rockstar power move that befits the nature of the band. Trained in a combination of Jazz, classical orchestration, string arranging and sound recording at Leeds College of Music, there’s little that Simon can’t turn his hand to.

Effortlessly photogenic and with that sophisticated style only Italian men can pull off, Federico Branco, one of Lover’s duo of guitarists. He has varied tastes and dabbles in anything from thrash metal to swing jazz, offering his performance that added level of skill you’d expect from a far older player.

Taking the other guitarist spot, Alex Villar, has a face that disguises his years of expertise in the music industry, earning him the nickname, “milky bar kid”, from his fellow bandmates. Classically trained, before joining Lover, Alex worked as a music teacher for children, with a focus on giving the next generation his love and affinity for the 60s and bohemian stylings when it comes to his choice of music.

Rounding out the group is Iiro Kajander on drums, well-known for his on-stage, “drum face”, a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music and a drummer since childhood. Finnish in origin, Iiro combines his love for a wide range of different musical styles with his affinity for creating a beat from anything. ensuring his contributions impress without overpowering Sarah’s vocals.

Melding the on stage persona

When it comes to their on-stage appearance, aesthetics means everything to Lover, and this contributes to their live success. They describe their eclectic and unique style as their “Identity when married to our sound”; making their physical aesthetics as key to each performance as the performance itself.

Sarah goes on to define their on-stage energy as being one of the best parts about their personas; “We love connecting with each other in our own individual way and feeding off that energy from the stage and also the audience. We like the unexpected that comes from playing live. We like being weirdos together.”

A band designed for the modern era, leader singer Sarah was actually discovered on YouTube by her bandmates following the breaking up of their previous band. She adds a unique flavour that has in part lead to the success of this 80s-inspired group. Since then, Lover has had a few lineup changes, but according to current bandmates, those changes have only served to “mould” the band further in their chosen direction, creating a dedicated, mission-oriented group who all have the same goals in mind.

Human Geography

Following their recent success performing new single ‘Fallen Famous’ at Witney Festival, in Sarah’s hometown, Lover seems to be going from strength to strength. They recently released the equally edgy music video for the single, which has been received well by their growing audience and loyal fans. This, alongside other singles such as Sarah’s favourites, ‘Girl I Almost Kissed’ and ‘Weekend Caligula’, makes up Lover’s latest album, ‘Human Geography’.

Named due to Lover’s desire to create an album title that, “Would portray a sense of inclusion of all beings whilst at the same time being a little offbeat”. The latest creation for Lover does all it promises to. Each band member contributes their unique appeal to every song, from Sarah’s love of heavy drama to Simon’s skill at dirty bass, Alex and Fed’s harmonisation and Iiro’s talents on both the drums and synths.

This was truly a collaborative experience, with Lover cleverly representing each member in their unique way. The band describes their music style as, “Sometimes quite sharp and wounding sounding lyrics… Each song tells a story, some dark, some beautiful and they all intertwine to form for the listener their own experience.” If Lover sounds like your perfect Saturday night tune or in-car jam session, then you can access their music as follows:

pick up their latest album, ‘Human Geography’, online and in stores, and
check out their music video for ‘Fallen Famous’ too.

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Twitter: LoverTheBand

Instagram: lovertheband