R Kelly is best-known for his song-writing, singing, and producing, yet is now adding authorship to his impressive list of credentials. This is a book, titled “Soulacoaster”, that details Kelly’s life from his early days on the South Side of Chicago to the high points of his career as one of the biggest names in the music industry. However, the memoir does far more than chronicle the ups and downs of his life; R. Kelly’s book gives fans a glimpse into the soul of the man-his inner self and the man behind the celebrity.

A Chronicle of the Ups and Downs

Soulacoaster could be no accidental title. As a modern king of Soul and a man with some of the most personally dramatic highs and lows, R. Kelly decided to pen his memoir in order to examine his life from the vantage point of a man in mid-life, as a man who had seen the bottom of the ladder and risen to the top of the heap. He also wanted to write it as a man, as a brother, and as a father in order to showcase those aspects of himself. People know him as the performer, celebrity, and icon; they may even know him as the controversial figure of media headlines, but Soulacoaster presents the inner man that fans truly want to meet and the man that Kelly reveals with various anecdotes and insights. Anyone who goes looking through the pages of this memoir is sure to meet R. Kelly the basketball-loving kid, the musical hopeful, and the son who grew up singing in church. This book is a successful bridge that allows the performer to share himself in ways he has never done before.
Published by SmileyBooks, Soulacoaster isn’t just an opening up of the soul, on the contrary, it’s sometimes a funny look back and sometimes it recounts a painful blow that Kelly is still coming to terms with. There is a lot of material, naturally, devoted to Kelly’s 18-year career in the music business and fans will understand that music is the driving force of Kelly’s being. It’s been a staple in his life and continues to be the goal that moves him forward. Fans of Kelly will gain a new perspective on the artist’s hard-won rise by reading this compelling life-story.

From Literary Aspirations to St. Lucia

Though Kelly took some time to write his book, he is unable to stay away from the stage for long. Kelly is writing, producing, and, of course, performing, but he also has plans to spend some time in the Caribbean islands. The upcoming St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is a twelve-day event that transforms the island with evocative music that reverberates with Jazz, Soul, R&B, and, of course, Creole. As a leading performer of this musical extravaganza, Kelly will bring his dynamic stardom to St. Lucia where he has a large fan base. It’s not surprising that Kelly would wish to be part of this magical festival; the event is internationally revered and is a genuine celebration of sound and rhythm. While Kelly isn’t typically known for his Creole connection, he has stated that he is open to inspiration and promises to carry his music in new directions. It will be interesting to see how St. Lucia may impact the artist just as he charms this festival and its throngs.

Best-Selling Music Artist

R. Kelly’s success is evident from the number of albums he’s sold world-wide, more than 40 million. He’s one of the best-selling recording artists in the U.S. performing today and was even named by Billboard as the most successful R&B artist of the last quarter century. His twelve solo albums all testify to his talent as a song-writer and producer; yet his fans can’t help loving those vocals that are so full of soul and the artist’s telltale charm. The best part of R. Kelly’s stardom is that it’s still rising and he’s still growing as an artist. He continues to put out incredible music and always gives heart-felt performances for his fans.

It’s All about the Musical Journey

Listening to the artist’s music, reading his memoir, and, if you’re lucky enough, seeing him perform in St. Lucia demonstrates that, like everyone, R. Kelly is on a journey, but one that has such monumental highs and lows that it is quite singular. Moreover, the R. Kelly journey is always set against a backdrop of music. Kelly, who struggled with school, learning disabilities, and poverty, seemed to have an ace card up his sleeve when it came to music, a force that uplifted him from his humble beginnings into international stardom where his talent is revered. To experience that journey up close, read the artist’s insightful memoir. If you want to experience his music in an exotic locale, head to St. Lucia for an extraordinary gathering of musicians and music-lovers that will converge in one of the world’s loveliest places. For R. Kelly fans, the island and its fest are like a culmination of so many milestones in the artist’s career; it’s a party full of merriment and some of the best music being performed today.

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