The Multinational VIBE of J. Creole

J. Creole

J. Creole

J. Creole is an internationally minded Hip Hop artist who is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Born in Petionville, Haiti, J. Creole is well known for incorporating the sounds of the islands into his musical platform to include styles such as Reggae, Compas, and Rap Kreyol.

Soulful and sultry, J.Creole gives Hip Hop a Caribbean makeover that affords it just the right softening it needs to be accessible to international music lovers and attract a wide range of listeners. As the artist builds his following and hones his signature style, fans may see him put Toronto even more firmly on the Hip Hop map.

Petionville Connection

As a more generally affluent suburb of Port-au-Prince, Petionville is known for its palatial mansions and has been known as an area where diplomats and international business professionals prefer to stay. J. Creole was born here and would certainly have passed by the swanky clubs and may even have been influenced by the music they played before he left the country. He has spent time living in the United States and now, of course, resides in Canada. Many of J.Creole’s fans are curious about the extent that his homeland and the entire Caribbean for that matter have influenced his music and his brand. According to various sources J. Creole first began to write in his native language and many of its words and sounds still pervade his English songs today.

Life Abroad

J.Creole started to write music while still a child and dreamed of playing music on an international stage someday, he actually left to follow the same dream his father also had—to play soccer. A marvellous athlete with an ambition to compete in soccer games worldwide, J.Creole’s athletic dreams were dashed after a serious ankle injury. Yet instead of lamenting a lost sports career, J.Creole remembered his early love of music and tho seold dreams of performing for throngs of music-loving fans. Consequently, he traded his soccer uniform for the stylish garb of a Hip Hop performer poised to reveal his talent and ambition to entertain and to express his artistic nature. J.Creole lived and performed in the U.S. before moving to Canada where he continues to perform for large-scale audiences and work toward fulfilling his musical aspirations.

Caribbean Influence as music influenced the artist at a young age, he was steeped in the music of Haiti and, indeed, the music of the islands. His Hip Hop style, therefore, is quite unique. While there are certainly other talented Hip Hop artists from the islands, J.Creole has blended these influences in his own particular way to produce songs that boast that Hip Hop edge but also feature the lilting grooves of the islands. This blend of influences makes J.Creole globally relevant and internationally inspired.

Toronto Hip Hop Scene

While Hip Hop hit Canada back in the 1980s, it has today become a hub for Hip Hop artists like J.Creole. In fact, some have compared it to Seattle during the Grunge years. As the nation’s Hip Hop artists continue to achieve fame and recognition, Canada is moving into a new phase as landscape that nurtures Hip Hop. Of course, Toronto is the main hub for this music scene, but Montreal and its French Hip Hop is also influential and a music centre that J.Creole is certainly familiar with.

The Artist: A Man for Community

While writing, recording, and performing, J.Creole also takes time for making positive changes for the community. He has founded a group known as Talented Haitian United Representers and encourages other transplant artists like himself to inspire the community and promote Haitian artists. With his independent label (Label Set-A-Card Entertainment), he also works with other local talent to help them achieve their musical dreams. He is one of the reasons that Hip Hop thrives in Toronto and its brand of success is likely to travel with him when he performs abroad.

The Music

J.Creole has pending music coming on his label. He also works closely with his son Keyshawn who performs on the label. While J.Creole released his first mix in 2005, he followed it with titles like “Ballerz Squad” and released the well-received “Hustla Girl” in 2010. As the artist is cementing his reputation in Canada and the United States, he is also gaining ground in the West Indies where his brand of Hip Hop is garnering new fans.

The Music to Come

With his own label, a portfolio of music, and videos, J.Creole is not missing a beat on the road to his stardom. Behind the image, of course, is the simple reverence for music, for making and performing that music that comes from his home, from the places he’s grooved, from his soul. Easy to groove to, melodic, and at times even hypnotic, if his past tunes are any indication of what the future has in store, J.Creole is likely to hit his musical stride. Mainstream Hip Hop can’t be too far off for this artist who has been on his way ever since he left Haiti bringing the music of the islands with him.