At just 23 years of age Bella Cat has the voice of a classic soul singer. Her debut album was just released last year, and she’s already working on her second album. Learn more about Bella Cat.

Many young children today are attracted to pop music and other mainstream genres by the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé. The problem with many of these artists is that they produce music in which the lyrics are different, but the sound is the same. Young artists should be encouraged to follow their own voice, create their own sound, and cross back and forth across genre lines to develop a sound that is actually unique.

Bella Cat is the perfect example of an artist who is not interested in being classified in one type of musical genre. She has been described by Clyde Stubblefield as the “princess of soul,” but even that definition pins her into a corner. At just 23 years old, Bella is breaking down barriers between genres. Her music caters to various audiences, keeping her fans on their feet with a stunning mixture of classical blues and modern rock ‘n’ roll. Her graceful, powerful, voice and stunning performances create new fans with each appearance she makes.


Bella Cat burst onto the scene in January 2014 when her debut album, Corrupted, was released. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and her sound immediately caught the attention of music critics and fans alike. Her debut album has been described by some as stirring and terrific, a perfect album to introduce Bella to the world. Music critics that don’t even cover her genre, technically described as blues, were moved to take a deeper look at the genre because of Bella.

One reviewer who listened to Corrupted described the albums impact on its view of the industry. “For the most part, we’ve focused on rock, pop, indie rock, indie folk, classic rock, and occasionally dipped into hip-hop, rap, and hard rock. One genre that we haven’t focused much on is blues. If there are more artists like Bella Cat, that might have to change.”

Her voice is so powerful, and her performances so graceful and moving, that fans who are unfamiliar with blues find themselves attracted to Bella Cat’s music. Bella’s sound, though unique in its own right, is reminiscent of soulful women who came before her, such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Sharon Jones.


A major part of the allure for any artist is the ability to amaze the masses when they show up for a live performance. Bella’s performances have been described by fans and critics as “heart stomp’n, love kick’n, and swing dance’n” events that enthrall listeners and leave most lost in the booming vocals of a performer with the magnetism and swagger to attract any music lover.

Following the release of her debut album, Bella began appearing at venues across her native Canada, and throughout North America. In July 2014, six months after her debut album was released, she brought her unique blend of blues, soul, and jazz to the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa. Bella’s performance was scheduled for the Barney Danson Theatre during the festival, and her booming voice left many in attendance overwhelmed by the power of her vocals.

Breaking Out in 2015

Fans of Bella Cat will always remember 2014 as the year this young woman from Old Chelsea, Quebec, Canada burst onto the scene with an amazing debut album. For those who continue to follow her as devoted fans, will find that her profile is going to continue growing in 2015. She kicked off the year with an appearance at the prestigious Port-au-Prince (PaP) Jazz Festival.

The PaP Jazz Festival is one of the Caribbean’s premier musical celebrations, bringing together artists from jazz, blues, soul, calypso, and various local musical genres. The week-long celebration took place between January 17 and January 24. Bella wowed tourists and locals alike in Haiti when she performed on Tuesday, January 20 at the Fokal venue. She was the night’s first act, and set the bar high for Holly Holden (UK) and Troker (Mexico) as following acts.

Her appearance at the PaP Jazz Festival was preceded by the exciting news that she began working on her sophomore album in December 2014. Bella is recording her next album in Chicago, USA, and expressed her excitement on her website in the following release:

“Guess what? I’m writing my second album!! I can’t wait to head to Chicago, USA and start this December (2014). From the help of a new friend, Neil Sundet, I will be recording with Mae Koen and Shawn Christopher, two incredible vocalists. A new inspiration has come my way, a man in fact…Champagne James Robertson…who has been writing the music to my lyrics and melodies. I couldn’t ask for a better start to my new album. I will be working with some incredible people, and unforgettable memories are to come.”

Bella’s career is just getting started. If there is one thing music fans enjoy, it’s an artist with soul and creativity. Bella Cat is helping revive interest in blues, jazz, and soul. She may only be a 23-year-old, but she’s proving she has the soul and power of some of the genre’s greatest performers.