Travelling light can be a much more comfortable experience than lugging around heavy bags whenever you go. It can also be significantly cheaper in some parts of the world, particularly in Europe where it usually costs extra to take an item of checked luggage aboard a plane. If you’re going away for two weeks or less, you should normally be able to make do with hand luggage only unless you have some more specific requirements such as camping or hiking gear. Here are some tips for packing light on your next holiday.

1. Make a List of what You Need

Having a list of the items that you need to take with you will help you to evaluate what you really need and what you don’t need. It will also help to decrease your chances of leaving something important behind. Write a list of everything that you need on your trip and go through it a couple of times to see if there is anything that you can eliminate.

2. Bring One Pair of Shoes where Possible

Shoes take up a great deal of space and, if you want to bring two or more pairs along with you, you will likely need to have an additional bag. Instead, try to bring a single pair of all-purpose shoes wherever possible. Of course, if you are going on a hiking trip or something similar, this might not be practical but, for most regular holidays, it shouldn’t pose a problem. If you want to bring some extra footwear on a summer holiday, sandals do not take up much space.

3. Using More Travel-Friendly Electronics

If you need to take a computer with you, a small netbook or tablet computer is far lighter and smaller than a conventional laptop. If, however, you have a smartphone, then this might be all that you need since it will provide Internet access and a way to check your emails wherever you have a wireless connection. Some higher-end smartphones have quite good cameras as well and it can be very convenient to have all of your electronic items wrapped up in a single item.

4. Buy Miniature Items

When it comes to things like toiletries, you will need to purchase miniature items due to the fact that you cannot carry containers of liquid exceeding 100 mls. Rather than buying the often over-priced travel sets of toiletries, however, you can also buy empty containers and decant the liquids and gels you need into those.

5. Use a Suitable Bag

Hand luggage on international flights is subject to fairly strict dimensions and a weight limit of around ten kilos depending on the airline. Buy a suitable bag that makes the best use of space. The smaller suitcases which you can roll along on wheels are often very convenient to travel with and they are also the most space-efficient. A small backpack, however, also presents the advantage of being more versa tile and more secure.

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