Haiti is bursting with cultural and monumental attractions that highlight the country’s thirst for the creative arts.

There are a diverse range of locations in Haiti, Jacmel nicknamed the artistic capital of Haiti was founded in 1868 by French colonists. It is where colourful painted buildings are found and the place where a vibrant carnival takes place annually. Jacmel is also the place where many famous Haitian painters and poets were born.

Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince, is just as much loved by tourist as it is by Haitians. This part of the country is quite a contrast to many of the calm and soothing other places, in true capital fashion Port-au-Prince is very much alive and buzzing complete with a storm of people, lively music, great restaurants and impromptu street soccer matches.

Iron Market in Port-au-Prince

Iron Market in Port-au-Prince

Chateau Blond is a very small and peaceful village in the region of Ouest but the people and staff at restaurants offer sincere and compassionate hospitality to visitors. Also, there are many sites to see that differ from what might be seen in Jacmel and Port-au-Prince but just from these three examples of locations it is evident there is an atmosphere to match each visitor’s requirements.

Furcy is a small village respected for leading a simple life whilst remaining very warm and friendly. The village is ideal for going on long walks because of the cool mountain climate. There is also much other activities to take part in Furcy, including hiring horses to go horse riding or taking a look at the impressive mountain views.

Haiti also has many tourist attractions to offer with interesting history behind these places for visitors to explore. The ruins of Sans-Souci Palace have been deemed one of the most remarkable attractions in the Western Hemisphere, which is only expected considering it was planned to be built by King Henri Christophe to captivate and impress people so that they would acknowledge his power.

Sans-Souci Palace

Sans-Souci Palace, Haiti

Galerie D’Art Nader in Petion-Ville collates huge assortments of Haitian Art displaying exciting colours and exquisite art pieces. Lakou Lakay was originally a home which was made public and changed in to the first hotel in Milot. This exceptional place is ripe with the traditions and cultures of a Haitian family who wanted to share their unique background with others. The Moulin Sur Mer was once a sugar plantation in the Colonial days, now it is the home to a grand museum collection, some pieces of the collection date all the way back to the independence tracing Haiti’s history since pre-Columbian times.

Haiti also portrays nature at its finest, Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve is a program dedicated to ensuring the protection of the environment by offering to teach locals about not being careless with their surroundings when they should be nurturing Earth. Bassin Bleu is a sanctuary in the midst of the hills of Jacmel, this attraction offers the experience of a life time, complete with waterfalls, interesting caves and areas to swim in pure water basins. It is for these reasons this attraction site receives the most admiration in the South East of Haiti. Kay Piat offers tourist stunning sights and the chance to visit off path villages, discover watercress crops, take relaxing swims in the refreshing spring water and also debuts a great view on the Island of La Gonave.

Bassin Bleu

Bassin Bleu, Haiti

The size and level of luxury fluctuate between many of the hotels in Haiti, Ouanga Bay is a relatively small hotel yet it includes a delightful beach and immaculate rooms.  Hotel Oloffson is more of an inn style hotel that is often referred to as the Haitian gingerbread mansion as the main structure of the gothic building was made that way in the 19th century. Visa Lodge is the most convenient hotel for tourist staying in the country’s capital as it is nearest to the airport. Best Western Premier Hotel provides an elegance that runs through to its neighbouring sites, boutiques and parks. The grand location and contemporary, modern styling makes it a great place to stay in the hills of the Port-au-Prince suburb.

La Colline Enchantee hotel is a tranquil, eco-friendly hotel in Jacmel which relies on solar power, all furniture and decoration is handmade. The Cormier Beach Resort is set on five acres of property, it is a beach hotel that can also hold personalised services and events such as weddings and conferences. Le Montcel is a small wooden hotel that is praised for its excellent intimate service and is perfect for those who want to spend time with family or friends leisurely as the hotel accommodates s a ping pong table, two horses and a tennis court. Wahoo Bay Beach Hotel is a fun and enjoyable place to stay, its most popular feature is the water trampoline and the capacity to offer its visitors the chance to go paddling in the ocean.

Cormier Beach Resort

Cormier Beach Resort

Karibe Hotel is breathtakingly beautiful from the inside and outside, the palm like trees in the terrace and the layout of the architecture of the building leaves visitors in awe by its exquisiteness. Cyvadier Plage Hotel offers services and facilities such as swimming pools, Wi-Fi and the hotel rooms face the terrace restaurant and look out to the private cove of Cyvadier Plage. Villa Nicole offers guest a full service restaurant and bar with accessibility to fresh meals all day offering a Kreyol cuisine with a blend of International food. The hotel’s beach front patio also has access to surfing the local break. Royal Oasis offers tourist who are staying at the hotel a private and relaxed atmosphere in its modern and safe neighbourhood of Petion-Ville. The Hotel Florita stands out from any other as it remains true to Haiti’s original charm, with the exception of modern plumbing, the hotel is very arty and is the only 19th century built house that is still in use after the 2010 earthquake.

Hotel Florita

Hotel Florita, Jacmel

Haiti’s locations, attractions and hotels are all as elite as any other countries, it’s a place where everyone has a lust for life and discovers it to the fullest.