Discover another world with a trip to the Seychelles

If paradise is indeed a place on earth, the Seychelles stakes a mighty claim as to its exact location. This unique collection of coral and granite islands lies just south of the equator, and visiting this region is as close as you will ever come to entering a completely different world.

The Islands are located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, and the region provides unsurpassed natural beauty and a chance to get away from the everyday world. The native flora and fauna are unique, and visitors who have made the journey often describe it as a spiritual destination as much as a physical one.

But while the Seychelles are a world away in terms of their beauty and charm, these islands are remarkably easy to get to. Air Seychelles operates flights from London Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Zurich airports. If you want to book a trip to one of this incomparable holiday spot, simply contact your travel agent and get started.

Sun 365 days in the Seychelles

The weather is always wonderful in the Seychelles, and therefore the region does not have the typical high and low seasons common to other tropical destinations. Hotel prices do, however, tend to spike with the high demand seen during the typical seasons popular with European holiday makers. Visitors booking a trip during June, July and August, or from September to January, accommodation harder to find with increased prices to match, However, the prices for the spectacular dive tours do not rise and fall with the season, so visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature no matter when they make the journey.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Visitors to the Seychelles will find plenty to see and do in the great outdoors. With unequalled natural beauty, first time visitors will be stunned at every turn by the sheer magnificence of this particular destination. Hiking trails abound, and they are the perfect way to see the beauty of the locale up close and personal. The diving in the Seychelles is unrivalled as well, and the island chain is home to any number of wonderful dive centres and dive clubs that will help you fully explore the world under the sea.
Sailing is another popular pastime in the Seychelles, both among residents and with tourists who frequent the region. The location of the Seychelles places it well outside the cyclone belt, meaning that there will be smooth sailing no matter when you plan your visit. Visitors who schedule a trip from October to March will enjoy a lovely north-westerly breeze, while those visiting from May to September will encounter a breeze from the south-easterly direction.

A Visit to Aldabra

Those contemplating visiting to the Seychelles should ask their travel agents about booking a trip to Aldabra, recently named as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A sojourn to Aldabra requires the permission of the Seychelles Island Foundation, the organization charged with keeping this pristine wilderness area beautiful for future generations. But even though a preparing an excursion to Aldabra requires a bit of work, you will be amply rewarded by the stunning natural beauty and charm of this one-of-a-kind destination.

Practical Matters

When booking your trip to the Seychelles it is helpful to have a bit of practical information. The contented traveller is the prepared one.

There are three acceptable currencies used throughout the Seychelles, making it easy for visitors from around the world to explore this unique wilderness. The hotels, restaurants, dive shops and other merchants on the Seychelles accept payment in the in British Sterling, the Euro and the US dollar. That makes it easy for visitors from the United States and all of Europe to travel without the hassle of changing currency.

In addition to cash, which is accepted nearly everywhere, credit cards are used widely throughout the Seychelles as well. While some smaller merchants may not yet accept plastic payments, virtually all hotels and restaurants welcome visitors with credit cards.

So if you are looking for a unique destination for your next vacation an unforgettable holiday experience, consider booking a trip to the tropical paradise known as the Seychelles. For many years the Seychelles islands chain has been a well-kept secret, and that is part of its charm. Unlike so many other so-called paradises, the Seychelles provides true natural beauty and a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you love to dive, snorkel, hike, and sail or just enjoy the beauty of nature, the Seychelles has something to offer you. This unspoilt haven vacation destination will not be a so unknown for long, so book your trip now and pay it a visit before the word gets out.

You will be glad you did.

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