Ethiopia is in the horn of Africa, boarding Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan. With more than 91,000,000 living within its borders, it is the second most populated nation in the continent of Africa. With a land mass of 1,100,000 square kilometres, it has the largest capital city-Addis Ababa.

Scientists acknowledge Ethiopia as one of the oldest locations where human life once dwelled. It roots trace all the way back to the 2nd millennium BC. Along with Rome, Persia, China and India, Ethiopia had one of the strongest powers of the 3rd century. Ethiopia was one of the first empires to adopt Christianity as its state religion. Perhaps this explains why it is one of the most indoctrinated Christian countries in the world.

When you think of Ethiopia, think of it as the new spirit of Africa, as it is often referred. For history buffs, The National Museum is the birthplace to the historical relics/heritages of Ethiopia; where there is the skeleton of a woman named Lucy, who is an astonishing 3.2 million years old. There is also an ethnographic museum at the University of Addis Ababa, which proves to be very significant for the Ethiopians as this is the palace of the Former Emperor of Ethiopia his Emperor Haile Selassie. A very prolific character in Ethiopian history and to the Rastafarians all over the globe that see him as a deity to be worshipped and respected for helping to institutionalise the Christian faith in a Muslim country (Ethiopia).

In addition to its strong religious heritage, Ethopia is renowned for its large mountain ranges, grassy lands and splendid valleys. If you are keen on paragliding, experience its excitement in Ethopia. There are many spots for the daredevils, like Butajira, Haro, Welch Crater and many more.

After all this amusement, venture to the highest peak, Simien Mountain range. Aside from being close to the various towns, Simien Mountain will impress you beyond your wildest dreams with astonishing scenery; the luscious plants and rare animal species in plain sight, are sure to take your breath away.