Senegal, in western Africa, is well known for its warmth and hospitality. Not for nothing has it been dubbed the, ‘Country of Teranga’, the word for hospitality in its most widely-spoken language, Wolof.

This is a land of colourful markets selling multi-coloured cloths and genuine crafts, of yellow and white-sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see; a place where lively music can be heard on the corner of every street corner and where the food entices your senses with its exotic aromas.

In the north, the Sahel (the area of Africa with the Sahara to the North and the Savannah in the South) is dotted with majestic Baobab trees, while in the south-east the mountainous Fouta Djallon region is a place of secretive tribes and stunning waterfalls. In the west of Senegal, there are winding mangroves, not to mention one of the densest concentrations of migratory birds anywhere on the planet.

As if all that wasn’t enough, in the south the Casamance region offers palm-studded tropical beaches and islands. Make no mistake, Senegal can satisfy the most demanding traveller.

There’s every chance you will catch some of the most jaw-dropping wildlife in West Africa, from elephants and giraffes to hippos, lions, panthers and rhinos.

If it’s outdoor adventure you crave, surf, hike or bike through the varied landscapes, deep-sea fish for swordfish or explore the mangrove swamps as you look for freshwater oysters.

Finally, there are year-round cultural events like the St Louis Jazz Festival, as well as museums and well-preserved treasures from colonial times. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to West Africa or an old hand, you’ll love Senegal.

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