Travelling solo, particularly for a long-term trip might not be for everyone, but there are others who wouldn’t have it any other way. While it is always nice to have someone to share your experiences with, others will tell you that the advantages of travelling alone far outweigh the disadvantages. Here are five of the top reasons for travelling solo on your next big backpacking trip abroad.

Travel Where You Want

As a solo traveller, there is relatively little need to have a complete itinerary planned out before you set off. For the most part, you should be able to go where you want and keep your plans open so that you can travel more spontaneously rather than having to constantly reach an agreement with a travel partner who might have completely different ideas.

Travel How You Want

Some people prefer to fly while others prefer to take buses or trains. Others prefer to save money by hitchhiking. Again, everyone is different but, as a solo traveller, you are in complete control over how you get from one place to the next. Likewise, you will be at liberty to stay in whichever type of place you prefer that lies within your budget range. Solo travellers typically prefer the social scene of hostels while groups and couples often prefer the privacy of more expensive options such as hotels.

Be in Control of Your Budget

It largely depends on who you are travelling with, but travelling with someone else often works out more expensive, particularly if you are travelling with a partner and prefer to take private rooms. As a solo traveller, you have complete control over your budget since you will be choosing where to stay, how to travel and where to eat and drink.

Build Up Your Confidence

For those who have not travelled alone before, setting off on a trip to a foreign country without any companions can be daunting. However, it is also a sure-fire way to build up your confidence and learn to look after yourself. It might be difficult at first and there will be times when you will feel lonely, but in doing so, you will become more worldly wise and more comfortable with your own company.

Meet More People

If you travel in a group or with a partner or other companion, you will be likely end up spending most of your time with your travel buddies rather than meeting new people along the way. Places like backpackers’ hostels are often very sociable places with a lot of other people travelling alone as well. Travelling independently places you straight in the deep end where you will inevitably find companionship along the way, meeting new and interesting people at every new destination.