While on a visit to the UK one may have to travel to various cities and destinations even if it may be across countries. Edinburgh and London are the most popular cities in the United Kingdom and the respective capitals of England and Scotland as well. These two cities are frequented more often than not by business travelers and one has quite a many options of travel to choose from. However one still is confused and is actually still trying to figure out as to which is the quickest way to get from Edinburgh to London. This write up is aimed at providing information as to what could be quickest possible way to from Edinburgh to London.

One can travel from Edinburgh to London either by road, by rail or by air. It may disappointing for those with a DVLA Driving License to know that when it comes to quickly travel between Edinburgh and London the fast A1 motorway has little to offer. A drive from Edinburgh to London can easily take upto 7 hours in your car whereas bus services plying in between these two cities take upto nine hours to reach their destinations. So road travel is definitely ruled out as far as traveling quickly from Edinburgh to London is concerned.

The next option is the train and the highly efficient rail network in between these two countries cuts the travel time between Edinburgh to London to approximately 4-5 hours. One can comfortably enjoy the view as the coaches zip past the mountainside at a rapid pace to help you reach your destination in time. Train tickets though may be quite expensive if you are considering a last minute option to get you quickly to London from Edinburgh. If you need to travel by train instead of road then you need to prepare your trip well in advance so that you can get your train tickets at the best price. There are also some really high speed trains which can take you from Edinburgh to London in as less as half the journey time taken by normal trains. Two and a half hours is all that it takes for these trains to take you to London from the Scottish capital.

The air travel option is always known for its speed and so is the case when moving from Edinburgh to London. Air travel is the cheapest and fastest option that is available between these two cities. Flights can fly you into London from Edinburgh in as less as one hour. However the problem with taking a flight is of the time taken to check in and move out of an airport. Also the Edinburgh airport is located at quite a distance from the city and one may have to consider that too. So therefore if you add all these additional stoppages as well then the time taken to travel from Edinburgh to London by flight could also well go up to a cool 3-4 hours which almost the same as on trains. Now this is what has been the main question that most people are still confused with nut the truth is both trains and flights are equally fast in their own capacity and have their own pros and cons.

Also for those considering driving if they have their DVLA driving license they can enjoy the motorway that connects Edinburgh with London which is fast again in its own capacity and with its own pros and cons.

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