Let Your Life Slow Down With A Holiday On La Digue

Many of the world’s most popular tourist destinations offer endless entertainment, distractions, and activities for children and adults alike. As enjoyable as these accommodations can be on a holiday, too many distractions can make a trip feel stressful and add time constraints while offering fewer chances to lay back and relax. The quiet island of La Digue in the Seychelles offers a relaxing destination where time seems to stand still.

La Digue

La Digue

The chain of islands that make up the nation of Seychelles is located east from the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. There are some 155 islands that form the nation of Seychelles and La Digue is the third largest of these islands. La Digue is a special place in the world where the sands of time drain a little bit slower than most other modern civilizations.

Just getting to La Digue is proof of its remote location and slow pace of life. The island has no airport and few roads, meaning that cars are shunned on the island. In order to arrive on La Digue tourists will have to fly into the capital city of Victoria on the island of Mahe, and take two ferries to reach the shores of La Digue.

When tourists do set foot on La Digue it is not difficult to see the value in the pace of life locals enjoy. Just around 2,500 people inhabit La Digue and they live primarily in the west coast villages of La Passé and La Re. Cars are ignored by locals in favor of bicycles and ox-carts, and no one is afraid to travel on foot regardless of their destination.

Despite its smaller size, La Digue has an impressive offering of hotels and guesthouses for tourists. There are 20 hotels or guesthouses for visitors to stay at, with some offering unsurpassed beach views. But staying in a hotel on La Digue can be very expensive, making day trips to the island from the bigger islands of the Seychelles a popular alternative.

While all the islands of Seychelles offer beautiful beaches, none can match the splendour of La Digue’s beaches. The island is particularly well-known for two beaches, Anse Source d’Argent and Grand Anse. Both beaches are popular for their white sand, azure waters, and pink granite rocks that dot the coastline.

La Digue

For those who enjoy a laid back pace to life, there will never be a shortage of activities on La Digue. The most obvious activities available for tourists include sunbathing on the white sand beaches and swimming in the clear, azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Those looking for more adventure and a taste of something different can rely upon the hotel staff to help make arrangements.

There are numerous smaller islands surrounding the area that are considered part of La Digue. These smaller islands offer great snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing trips. There is no shortage of boats for hire to help tourists to and from these destinations.

If water based activities are not your cup of tea, La Digue has more than enough land based attractions to keep tourists entertained. Lace up your hiking boots and head out to visit some of the island’s ruins and jungles to take in the areas natural beauty. While hiking through the Veuve Reserve, keep a keen eye out for the Paradise Flycatcher, one of the world’s rarest birds found only on La Digue. Horseback riding is also a popular activity for tourists, especially those visiting the Plantation.

Manchester United's football team player Chis Smalling on holiday on La Digue enjoying the local hospitality.

Manchester United’s football team player Chis Smalling on holiday on La Digue enjoying the local hospitality.

Most impressive of all is La Digue’s ability to draw in celebrities, film directors, and producers from around the world. As one of the few places left in the world offering both luxurious hotels and beaches where you can be alone with yourself, La Digue is a favorite destination for celebrities seeking privacy and relaxation. Prince William and his bride, the Duchess of Cambridge, are rumored to have visited the island while honeymooning in the Seychelles.

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