If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, it might be hard for you to imagine that this beautiful corner of the globe could be enhanced in any way, shape, or form. With warm, humid temperatures throughout the year, miles of pristine beaches, and natural beauty that is unparalleled, this island paradise appears to be a slice of heaven on Earth.

The Maldives has been a popular tourist destination for Europeans since the 1970s. Today, tourism is the driving force behind the economy in Maldives, bringing an estimated 600,000 annual visitors and generating 90% of the government’s tax revenue. The collection of 26 atolls now has one more hotel to add to its tourism offerings. The Atmosphere Kanifushi resort offers a new level of luxury and relaxation on the shores of Maldives, and its accommodations have to be experienced to be believed.

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Get to Know Maldives

Officially known as the Republic of the Maldives, the island nation is located in the Indian Ocean near the area of the Arabian Sea. The nation consists of 26 different atolls that arranged in a north-south configuration. Historians and archaeologist have traced the original settlements on the islands back to 300 BC. The first settlers of the islands were believed to have been fisherman that sailed over from the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka.

Throughout its history, the islands have remained largely independent. There were three periods of rule by external forces. The Portuguese Empire ruled the islands for 15 years in the mid-16th century. Dutch forces controlled the islands for four months during the 17th century, and the British Empire held the islands as a protectorate from 1887 until 1965.

Today, the islands serve as a popular tourist destination for people throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Prior to the rise of tourism in the economy of Maldives, there were just two hotels. Now, the Atmosphere Kanifushi joins the list of roughly 92 hotels serving visitors of Maldives.

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi at a Glance

Nestled along a vast stretch of lagoon and looking out over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Atmosphere Kanifushi opened its doors to the world on 15 December 2013. The resort is the sole occupant of Kanifushi Island in the Lhaviyani Atoll, located directly north of the capital of Male and Male International Airport. Kanifushi Island is a scant 90 metres wide and stretches 2 km in an east-west orientation.

There are a total of 150 villas and suites available for guests of Atmosphere Kanifushi. The resort boasts some of the largest villas of any hotel in Maldives. Each and every villa at Atmosphere is separated from neighbouring units by tropical vegetation, offering the best privacy possible. Guests have direct access to the white sandy beaches of the island from any room, and enjoy accommodations that have been built with an eye toward the fusion of modern and traditional construction.

The villas and suites at Atmosphere feature natural building materials from the atolls, timber, granite, and stone. There are a total of 64 Sunset Beach Villas. These villas have 100m2 space and offer high ceilings, open-air bathrooms, and large verandas overlooking the beach. The largest villas available are the 18 Sunset Family Villas at the resort. With 200m2 space, these interconnected units feature separate, private access outside and have the largest combination of indoor and outdoor space available at Atmosphere.

Atmosphere’s other accommodations are split between the Sunset Junior Suites and Sunset Pool Villas. There are 40 Junior Suites on the island, each one offering 132m2 of space, open-air verandas, and whirlpool bathtubs. Only 10 Pool Villas are available. Each unit offers 192m2 of space, with expansive outdoor areas, large verandas, and a private pool at each unit.

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Luxury with Privacy

The Lhaviyani Atoll may be sparsely populated, but that does not mean that you are left to your own devices when you arrive at Atmosphere Kanifushi. The resort offers guests a variety of activities, restaurants, and amenities to enjoy during a visit. The island has five restaurants for guests to choose from during their visit.

Start your day off with breakfast at The Spice, the resort’s main restaurant. Enjoy a cool drink as you relax by the beach at The Liquid (the main bar), and finish off the day with dinner at Teppanyaki Grill. Atmosphere offers an exciting variety of cuisine that ranges from Arabian and Indian to fusion cuisine and native dishes.

The resort also offers a variety of activities and other amenities to entertain any guest, whether its couples on a honeymoon or families on holiday. The Akiri Spa by Mandara boasts six treatment rooms situated amidst a lush, landscaped garden on the eastern tip of the island. Therapy professionals are on hand to offer health and beauty treatments, holistic healing, hair and beauty salon services, and even consultations to help guests balance their body and mind.

If you want to get out and explore Maldives, there are six available adventure and cultural excursions. Choose between visits to local communities to interact with the populace or go on a picnic to one of the many uninhabited islands nearby. Atmosphere has families covered too. Families with older children can enjoy diving, sailing, and snorkelling trips in the beautiful turquoise waters surrounding the island, while families with younger children can take enjoy activities at The Kids Club or The Clubhouse (a sports and recreation centre).

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Experience it all with the Platinum Plus Plan

There is no wrong way to enjoy the beautiful setting and splendid amenities of Atmosphere Kanifushi, but there is a perfect way to do so. The Platinum Plus plan is an all-inclusive holiday booking option that provides guests with everything they need to enjoy their visit to Maldives, without worrying about booking things separately.

With the Platinum Plus plan, guests are offered guidance on enjoying the many benefits of Atmosphere from the moment they arrive, until their final hours on the island. When guests arrive, the Atmosphere Team escorts them to the check-in counter and shows them to the door of their villa.

Guests on the Platinum Plus plan have access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Spic, as well as snacks from The Liquid, a la carte options at The Sunset Pool Bar, and the option of dining at Just Veg. Beverage are provided throughout the stay at all of the aforementioned restaurants. The Platinum Plus plan also offers complimentary activities including, but not limited to, Music & DJ night (daily), one sunset fishing trip, one adventure/cultural excursion per guest, and unlimited snorkelling excursions (limit two per day).

At the end of the day, a visit to Atmosphere Kanifushi offers guests the opportunity to escape from the constant hum of the modern world. In this quiet corner of the world, time stands still, and the waves of the ocean, sing you to sleep every night. Atmosphere Kanifushi is the first of many Atmosphere-brand resorts opening in the Indian Ocean, offering a brand new take on luxury accommodations. Future resorts are planned for Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and India.

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

Relax in the New “Atmosphere” of the Maldives

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