Some people like a good scare once in awhile, and there are some terrifying vacation destinations for those brave travelers not afraid to see the occasional ghost. If you are ready for the ultimate “fright delight” vacation, the following locations may leave you literally breathless.

La Isla De La Menucas – Island Of The Dolls

Do you remember Chucky from the movie “Child’s Play” or  “The Conjuring’s” horrifying Annabelle? Nightmares plague many viewers of these and similar movies with scary dolls of horror playing murderous roles. For some strange reason, many people enjoy being frightened by creepy and frightening dolls. If you are a lover of “doll horror” movies, you must plan a trip to Xochimico, Mexico. The story of this strange destination began many years ago when Don Julián Santana Barrera chose to leave his wife and child and live the life of a hermit on the island.

It was over 50 years ago when Barrera found the drowned body of a young girl in one of the many canals that surround the island. After the girl’s death, Barrera began fishing dolls from the canals and digging for them in dumps. He hung the dolls, in whatever condition they were found, in the trees around the island. Some say his actions were to appease the spirit of the dead girl and to protect himself from the evil he believed lived on the island. We will never know what went on in the deranged mind of the caretaker of La Isla De La Menucas, but what he left behind will chill you to the bone. Every year camera laden tourists come to photograph the eerie island and its hundreds of haunting inhabitants. The broken, dismembered, and sun-blistered dolls hang in tree branches beckoning the passerby to stop and visit. Some folks say they can hear the dolls whispering to them. Will you add the Island of the Dolls to your vacation plans this year?

Fengdu – The Ghost City

During the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD – 220 AD) Fengdu received the name of Ghost City. The city is located high on Ming Hill on the northern Yangtze River bank. The many ghosts of the city invite visitors to come and learn about the Chinese afterlife. The work of the ancient craftsmen of Fengdu is amazing, but the statues of ghosts and devils are bizarre and frightening to behold. Those who gaze upon the ghosts of Fengdu are quick to learn what happens in the afterlife to those who do not live a proper first life.

Three tests are given to the dead before they can enter into the afterlife. Each of the tests takes place at a different location and all must be passed or the dead one (the ghost) will be sent to Hell. The first takes place at the Nothing-To-Be-Done-Bridge, a series of three identical bridges. The ghost of the dead one must cross the middle bridge. If the ghost lived an honorable life, it will experience no problems crossing the bridge. A ghost who lived a dishonorable life will fall from the bridge into the pools below. The Ghost Torturing Pass is the location of the second test. Eighteen horrifying demons sculptures present a frightening future of torture and pain to the dead one who is about to report to Yama, the King of Hell for his judgment. The final test takes place at Tianzi Palace. A large stone sits in front of the palace gate. On the special stone, the dead person must stand on one foot for three minutes. While a good person can easily accomplish this, a bad person cannot and will be sent to Hell to be punished. As scary as the statues and the legends are, visitors are fascinated by the structures and the Chinese culture that led to their construction. Every year thousands visit Fengdu. Some are Chinese, but many come from all over the world to visit the Ghost City.

There are many places around the world that boast of scary and creepy vacations. Be sure when choosing your excursion of horror, you place La Isla De La Menucas and Fengdu at the top of your “frightcation” list.

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