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Seychelles Yacht Charter

Seychelles Yacht Charter

A place of scenic wonder, intimacy and awe; Seychelles Yacht Charter offers luxury yacht charters in the Seychelles. This forms the ultimate vacation if you love the tranquillity of the ocean; its captivating sunset views and serene ambience.

Set in the Indian Ocean these group of islands offer a haven for all nature lovers waiting to be discovered.

A total of one hundred and fifteen islands granitic and coralline islands boast the one and only true Vallee de Mai garden.Home to the unique coco de mer this referred by most as the original garden of Adam and Eve, the world’s best beaches beckon. Home to Aldabra world heritage site the Seychelles is host to many secrets….a tropical paradise home to rare plants only found here, An ideal setting close to no other.

Seychelles Yacht Charter

Seychelles Yacht Charter. Photo: Memento Media Seychelles

Seychelles Yacht Charter offers you the chance to come and discover it all. On board Nkalindau our team of professionals await to guide you through paradise with the promise of wonderful unforgettable memories. Imagine endless unspoilt beaches, turquoise waters, a snorkelling /diving paradise like no other, fishing for the fresh catch, amazing sunrises and sunsets, unique islands with a fauna and flora like no other.

The list is endless to make this the most relaxed and enjoyable holiday you have ever experienced. We offer pure luxury on our five star catamaran. Savour the creative and inventive cuisine of a chef who meticulously prepares her meals with detail.

A strong emphasis on taste, aroma and presentation with the best products will have you embarking on a culinary journey you will never forget. Signature cocktails specially prepared for you…at sunset. A personalised service on board ensures that all the clients’ desires are catered to.

Seychelles Yacht Charter

Seychelles Yacht Charter


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