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Strategies to attract tourists from China to Mauritius: “Wedding, sightseeing, E-marketing…” said Michael Sik Yuen, minister of Tourism and Leisure.

Strategies to attract tourists from China to Mauritius

The Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen wants more cooperation in the tourism sector between Mauritius and China. A delegation of 15 persons was in Mauritius since Monday as part of a bilateral between the two countries.

The Deputy Mayor, Zhang Siping said that he hopes there will be a flight linking Mauritius and Shenzhen directly. “We are very pleased to work together with your country in every aspect. We wish there were more flights to China. ”

As a result, the Minister of Tourism and Leisure, Michael Sik Yuen spoke about several projects that are connected to China.

“We already have a flight to Shanghai, but in 2012 we will have 2 to 3 direct flights to Shanghai. A bilateral cooperation with China has also been signed to have 14 flights per week. But this will take some time as we are working on several strategies in order to attract more tourists in the Chinese market. It is true that Mauritius is quite unknown to the Chinese and to solve this, we need to diversify our product. Mauritius needs visibility in this emerging market, and that is why we are concentrating on the E-marketing. For more visibility, we also plan to organise the wedding of approximately twenty Chinese couples which will be held in Mauritius next year and the Miss China Pageant in April.”

The Minister also took this opportunity to announce the arrival of two hotels, which will be adapted to the Chinese culture, i.e., Angsana and Centara which will be launched in October 2012.
The Chinese delegation includes investors from the company Shenzhen Energy Group, the second largest energy company in the world after the EDF in France.

Shenzhen is also the fourth largest economy in China and is a major manufacturing centre in the country with some of China’s most successful quality brand high-tech companies.

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