Cultural Videotaping Continues

John laFleur II

Cultural Videotaping continues throughout the Northwestern French-Speaking Triangle & the Lower Creole Parishes: Avoyelles, Evangeline, St. Landry, Lafayette, St. Martin, Pointe Coupee & Orleans Parishes Parishes

For several weeks now, a special series of Louisiana Creolophone/Francophone video moments featuring interviews with representative Louisiana French Creoles of every diversity, including our Cajun-creole cousins, on site historical locations, cemeteries, architecture, cuisine and social events of every type indigenous to Louisiana’s native, but diverse Creole people, language and culture have been in the making. The cultural video series is the brainchild of Louisiana French Creole native, author and independent scholar, John laFleur II.

Proud, well-informed and truly supportive leaders will also appear who have cooperated and participated in full support and pride of their cities, families, community and culture in this attempt to showcase the almost forgotten diverse and multi-ethnic Creoles of Louisiana.

It is to these honorable leaders of public office and press, along with all of the wonderful everyday people and their/our local forms of French that make Louisiana the ‘exotic’ tourist attraction that she is, that we would like to take the time out to say, “merci beaucoup, vous etes tenu en tres bon regards et vous meritez d’etre preserver pour l’eternite’ a travers de ces videos! (Translation: ” thank you very much, you are all held in high regard and you all deserve to be preserved for all eternity by means of these videos!” Once these first-time cultural historical video moments/narrative are completed they will air across YouTube and other social media and we anticipate, educational television. The faces, the voices and the unique lifestyle and culture of Louisiana’s diverse Creole people will be seen, heard and honored at last! For more information about this series and/or possible participation, please email the series producer, John laFleur II at

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