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Alcée Fortier

Alcée Fortier: The Preserver of Tales

A renowned Professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, Alcée Fortier was the author of numerous works on language, literature, and Louisiana history. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the field of academi...

John Willis Menard – His Political Journey

John Willis Menard is best known as an abolitionist, author, journalist, and politician. He was born in Kaskaskia, a town located in Randolph County in the southern portion of Illinois in 1838. His parents were...

Wilbert Richard – A Farmer’s Son Turned Soldier

Wilbert Richard left his family farm to join the Marines when he was 17 and narrowly missed tours in Vietnam and Okinawa. His recollections of his grandfather and great-grandfather give a great picture of histo...
Native Americans

Native Americans in Maryland: A Short History

Although there are no federally recognized Native American tribes in Maryland today, the original inhabitants of the area were composed of six tribes:  the Lenape, the Nanticoke, the Powhatan, the Ohio Valley, ...
Charles Weymann

Charles Weymann – Aviator & Automotive Inventor

Born in 1889 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Charles Terres Weymann would go on to become a leading light in coachwork technology, his designs featuring on many of the finest automobiles of his era. Brilliant, bold, ...

Jamaican Creole

Maybe because it is spoken in an easily accessible country, Jamaican Creole has received a great deal of attention from creolists, perhaps more than any other ELAC (English-lexifier Atlantic Creole).1 The very ...