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Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan – Lifesaver and consummate inventor

Garrett Morgan is an inspiration from history thanks to his brilliantly inventive mind, numerous patents for life-saving inventions, and his tireless dedication to improving society. Though his efforts were lit...
Elijah McCoy

The Real McCoy – An engineering prodigy

You may be familiar with the term “the real McCoy”, a phrase often uttered to denote originality and quality. However, did you know that the term is a reference to one of the most illustrious African-American i...
George Washington Carver

Meet George Washington Carver- The Peanut Man

A renowned African American scientist and inventor, George Washington Carver helped enhance agriculture in many different ways.Born a slave, George Washington Carver’s exact date of birth is still unknown. ...
bicentennial monument

Monuments of Seychelles: Bicentennial Monument

Bicentennial MonumentThey are plain and simple, three pairs of extended white wings in masonry, standing on the roundabout at the 5th of June and Liberation Avenues. Conspicuous as they are, they invariabl...

Garrett Morgan – American Inventor

On March 4th, 1877 Garrett Augustus Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky.He attended a Kentucky elementary school sparingly through his early childhood, however much of his time was spent working at his paren...

Thomas L. Jennings – Tradesman and abolitionist

Thomas L. Jennings (1791 – February 12, 1856) was an African-American tradesman and abolitionist in New York City, New York. He operated and owned a tailoring and dry-cleaning business, and, in 1821, he was the...