La Réunion

La Réunion

La Réunion – The Hidden Gem of an island

Seychelles & Mauritius have put the Indian Ocean on the map in terms of tourism. There is another island making waves in the modern era though. With a younger tourism industry and no shortage of natural bea...
Beach in Saint Gilles, La Reunion island, France

La Réunion and it’s connection to the Seychelles

Réunion or as the French call it La Reunion is a French island, the population is tiny, in comparison to western cities, with just over 800,000 inhabitants. The island itself is in the Indian Ocean, a stone thr...

La Réunion: The Emerald Isle – Creole-style

East of Madagascar, a little corner of France floats in the tropical waters just south of the equator. It’s surrounded by pristine beaches, dressed in the finery of verdant forests and topped with the majestic ...