Vicent Pierre

Vincent Pierre – Creole Public Servant

Vincent Pierre is a Louisiana elected official who is extremely proud of his Creole heritage. He was born in the Lafayette Charity Hospital in 1964 and raised in a small, friendly neighbourhood in the Scott/Car...
Ernest Gaines

Ernest Gaines: Guardian of his Peoples Story

“All writers write about the past, and I try to make it come alive, so you can see what happened.” (E.G. 2011) If you believe in Reincarnation, you could imagine that Ernest Gaines was an African “Griot” in an...
Anthony Christian

Anthony Christian – The Child that Art Made

“I do not know which to admire the most; your courage in defying the tendencies of modern art or the skill with which you have done so.” Thus wrote Lord Kenneth Clark at a time when Lord Clark, having just laun...