“Opening up to the Caribbean is opening up to the world” said Martinican philosopher, poet and
author Edouard Glissant (1928-2011).

“France is a Caribbean country. As such, the role of the French Embassy’s Cultural Services in the USA
is to contribute to this global mindedness through our French Caribbean culture, through our local
presence in Florida. As regional Caribbean hub, Miami was the perfect city to launch the Tout-Monde
festival, to shed a new light on the quality and subtlety of Caribbean art, which has been relegated for
too long to exotic landscapes”, says Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural Counselor of the French
Embassy in the United States.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, 02-07-2018 – The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, in close partnership
with the France Florida Foundation for the Arts, are launching the first edition of the Tout-Monde
Festival, first Caribbean Contemporary Arts Festival, which will take place in Miami from March 1st
to March 4th, 2018, at the beginning of Francophonie Month.

Under the patronage of Mrs. Christiane Taubira, Cultural Ambassador of the festival and former
Minister of Justice of France, the Tout-Monde Festival will present contemporary artistic, cultural
and intellectual practices of the greater insular, continental and diasporic Caribbean context,
spanning across all fields: visual and performing arts including music, dance, theatre, film and

Reflecting upon the spirit and philosophy of the “Tout-Monde” – a concept introduced by Édouard
Glissant which explores the relation between territories, cultures and individuals with multiples roots
in one “whole world” – the festival will aspire to connect artists, academics and institutions in
Florida, the United States and the wider Caribbean region, and to reflect upon the meaning of the
“Tout-Monde” today.

Under a French Caribbean leadership trio – composed of Vanessa Selk, director and founder of the
festival and Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy, and Johanna Auguiac and Claire Tancons, two
internationally renowned curators – the first edition of the festival will center on the theme of
Hétéronomonde, confronting ideas of heteronomy and autonomy within the Tout-Monde.
“Hétéronomonde sets forth and confronts ideas that are specific to the molding of Antillean identity
within the wider Caribbean region and in a world where the process of belonging and relating are
questioned everyday”, say Auguiac and Tancons.

This launch edition will focus on 17 artists and authors from the French Antilles – Guadeloupe,
French Guyana and Martinique – invited to present their performances, their artwork, but also their
films or their published works, in dialogue with 7 other Caribbean artists and authors from Cuba, the
Dominican Republic, Haïti, Puerto-Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

Among French artists are Josiane Antourel (Martinique), Lena Blou (Guadeloupe), Jean-François
Boclé (Martinique), Yna Boulangé (Martinique), Robert Charlotte (Martinique), Julien Creuzet
(Martinique), Ronald Cyrille (Guadeloupe), Kenny Dunkan (Guadeloupe), Black Kalagan
(Martinique), Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc (French Guiana), Mirtho Linguet (French Guiana),
Guillaume Lorin (Guadeloupe), Jacques Martial (Guadeloupe), Shirley Rufin (Martinique), Jacques
Schwarz-Bart (Guadeloupe) and Kelly Sinnapah Mary (Guadeloupe). The other Caribbean artists are
Loriel Beltran (Venezuela), Adler Guerrier (Haïti), Jilian Mayer (America/Cuba), Shirley Bruno (Haïti).

Their creative productions in each field will be shown over the course of four days in four emblematic
cultural venues, representing each a different cultural heritage, community and neighborhood in
Miami: the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), The Wolfsonia-FIU, the Little Haiti Cultural Complex
and Mana Contemporary/Wynwood.

Among the events, is the exclusive duo performance between musician/saxophonist Jacques
Schwarz-Bart and choreographer/dancer Léna Blou during the opening ceremony at Pérez Art
Museum Miami which will take place on Thursday, March 1st, 2018. On the following day, Kenny
will present a performance and a unique installation of his work within the permanent
collection of The Wolfsonian Museum–FIU. On Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, at the Little Haiti Cultural
Complex, Jacques Martial will, for the first time in Miami, perform his play on Aimé Césaire’s
“Notebook of return to my native land”. On the same day, artist Jean-François Boclé, in residency at
Fountainhead, will propose a performance echoing the Caribbean market of the Little Haiti Cultural
Complex. On Sunday March 4th, a collective exhibition of contemporary art and photography, as well
as a concluding round table with the artists, will offer a larger picture of this Hétéronomonde.

The academic and educational approach of the festival, confronting philosophical concepts with art
and literature, represents a key aspect of the event. This facet of the program will be explored in
several academic panels with renowned authors and professors such as Edwidge Danticat, Patrick
Chamoiseau and Michael Dash during the inaugural conference on Glissant’s “Tout-Monde” at
PAMM, and Yarimar Bonilla in conversation with the curators at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex.
In addition, a specific Tout-Monde Teens program with interactive workshops and performances is
offered to the younger public and to students. Animation film director Guillaume Lorin will share the
secrets behind the production of an upcoming animated Caribbean movie; an urban performance
directed by Street Art for Mankind composed with muralist Ronald Cyrille, slammer Black Kalagan
and a dancer will invite students to interact; The Wolfsonian library will reveal printed materials from
its extensive Caribbean cruise line collections.

In addition, the Tout-Monde Festival will act as a regional platform for Caribbean Business and
Tourism with special events and dedicated spaces for partners to meet and help develop economic
and touristic exchanges between Florida and the Caribbean, with the aim of increasing Miami’s role
as a Caribbean hub for contemporary artists, academics, instructions and businesses, and of
developing relations between the Caribbean region, Florida and the United States.

A private Closing Ceremony will take place in the presence of Sylvie Glissant, director of the Tout-
Monde Institut in Paris and Edouard Glissant’s widow. During the ceremony, an international jury
composed of academics, curators, and museum directors, will be chaired by American-Haitian
artist Édouard Duval-Carrié, and reward one artist with the Tout-Monde Award, which offers an art
residency program for one month at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami.

More information:
During the festival, the Tout-Monde shuttle between institutions will be free and available all day for
visitors. Schedule coming soon.
In addition, a Tout-Monde OFF program will allow other partner galleries and institutions to propose
a special Caribbean highlight on Caribbean artists. List coming soon.
Finally, a Tout-Monde pop-up library and shop, in partnership with Books&Books and Nyaké concept
will be open to the public.

Partners and sponsors

The festival has been organized in close partnership with: the Pérez Art Museum Miami, The
Wolfsonian Museum-FIU, the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, Mana Wynwood, Third Horizon, the
Fountainhead Residency, French Arts Associates, Street Art for Mankind, New World School of the
Arts, and the Consulate general of France in Miami.

It has benefited from the generous public support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in
the USA, Institut français, Ministère de la Culture – Direction des Affaires culturelles de la Martinique,
Direction des Affaires culturelles de la Guadeloupe, Direction des Affaires culturelles de la Guyane,
Martinique Tourism Authority, Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board, Comité du Tourisme de Guyane, the
Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and Miami Dade County Cultural Affairs.

It has benefited from the generous corporate support of the France Florida Foundation for the Arts,
Norwegian Air Shuttle, Heico and Rhum Clément. It has also received support from Antilles Shipping,
Essence Corps, Interaudi Bank and Dr. Fausto de la Cruz.

Our partners are also l’Institut Tout-Monde, Tropiques Astrium Martinique, Hyatt Regency Miami,
Books&Books, Kreol Magazine, Mediaphore, Nyaké Concept and Prizm Art Fair.

About the festival

The Tout-Monde Festival is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts festival that creates new
opportunities for Caribbean contemporary artists by fostering relations and building long-term
partnerships between French Caribbean and other Caribbean artists, academics and cultural
institutions in Florida, the United States and the wider Caribbean region. By doing so, the festival also
endeavors to develop the knowledge of future generations about Caribbean culture and to
encourage tourism and economic exchange between Florida and the Caribbean.

The Tout-Monde Festival is an initiative of the French Embassy’s Cultural Services, in close
partnership with the France Florida Foundation for the Arts.

Founded and directed by the Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy’s Cultural Services in Miami,
Vanessa Selk, the festival is curated for its official launch and first edition by Johanna Auguiac and
Claire Tancons.

About Cultural Services of the French Embassy of the United States

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy promotes the best of French arts, literature, cinema,
language, and higher education across the US. Based in New York City, Washington D.C., and eight
other cities across the country, the Cultural Services brings artists, authors, educational and
university programs to cities nationwide. It also builds partnerships between French and American
artists, institutions and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. In New York, through its bookshop
Albertine, it fosters French-American exchange around literature and the arts. In Miami, the local
office focuses on particular fields such as French language and literature, design and Caribbean art.

About the France Florida Foundation for the Arts

The France Florida Foundation for the Arts (FFFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by
the Consulate General of France in Miami and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.
The FFFA’s primary mission is to develop relations between France and Florida by raising funds and
supporting projects that encourage all forms of cultural, educational and professional cooperation
between French and Floridian institutions and individuals, but also to increase the awareness and
appreciation of French and francophone culture and history. It is presided by Dr. Melissa Patrylo
since April 2017.

About the curators

Johanna Auguiac-Célénice is an independent curator and director of the International Biennale of
Contemporary Art (BIAC Martinique), founder of JM’Arts gallery (2002-2012) in Paris and curator for
several festivals. Through the editions of Martinique and Guadeloupe Nouvelle Vague, she set about
discovering, against the tide of exotic clichés, contemporary art of the Caribbean & Americas for a
better dissemination and recognition. Artistic advisor for Kréyol Factory, Grande Halle of La Villette
(Paris 2009). In the Caribbean, she commissioned Maditierra, (Cuba); Caribbean Clim’Art / COP 21,
(Fort de France) and Turning Tide, with Tumelo Mosaka at the Memorial ACTe (Guadeloupe).

Claire Tancons is a curator and scholar invested in the discourse and practice of the postcolonial
politics of production and exhibition. Among her many curatorial highlights include En Mas’: Carnival
and Performance Art of the Caribbean, an Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award-winning traveling
curatorial project (2014-present). Tancons has recently begun to work as a music curator for the
Origins Season of the National Sawdust in New York (2017-18). She has also curated for established
and emerging international biennials and is currently a curator for the upcoming Sharjah Biennial
(SB14, 2019).

About the invited guests, artists and academics

Cultural Ambassador

Christiane Taubira (French Guiana – lives/works in Europe) is a French Politician, former Minister of
Justice of France. She was an adamant advocate for the 2001 law which established the Atlantic slave
trade as a crime against humanity. In 1993, she founded the Guianese party Walwari and was elected
Member of the National Assembly of France for French Guiana.


Josiane Antourel (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) is a choreographer and dancer. She is
deeply inspired by the spirit of drum and jazz. Dancing for over thirty year, her work is characterized
by a certain joyful austerity.

Léna Blou (Guadeloupe – lives/works in Guadeloupe) is a Caribbean dancer and choreographer. Her
aim is to show the contemporaneity of Guadeloupean traditional dance: Gwoka. She is the founder
and director of her own school, Larel Bigidi’Art.

Jean-François Boclé (Martinique – lives/works in Europe) is a visual and performing artist. His art
questions the bipolarity of our contemporaneity, oscillating between dystopia, violence, racialization
or gentrification, and the possibility a WE.

Yna Boulangé (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) is a dancer and comedian. She likes to work in
partnership with artists in all disciplines and areas to satisfy her curiosity. Art is for her a way to
express freedom.

Robert Charlotte (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) is a photographer who explores Caribbean
portraits. Between abstraction and figurative images, his work focuses on behaviors, attitudes, and
social group expressions.

Julien Creuzet (Martinique – lives/works in Europe) takes his inspiration from literature and poetry.
The discontinuous geography of the Caribbean deeply structures his work, consisting of both
composite sets and unity. He explores the legacies of African, European and Indian civilizations in the

Kenny Dunkan’s (Guadeloupe – lives/works in Europe) work is built around video, installation and
ritual performances. He uses his recollections of the Guadeloupean Carnival to create his own
vocabulary in which one can find a complex Creole identity.

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc (French Guiana – lives/works in Europe) focuses on the neglected part of
colonial and post-colonial history. He addresses a diversity of subjects such as absence, violence or
hate through images (drawing, film, powerpoint, etc.).

Mirtho-Crépin Linguet (French Guiana – lives/works in French Guiana) uses photography to express
and question his fracture with the artificial world shown today in magazines and on television.

Jacques Martial (Guadeloupe- lives/works in Guadeloupe) is an actor, playwright and theatre
director. He is also President of the Memorial ACTe- Caribbean Centre for Expression and
Remembrance of the Slave Trade in Guadeloupe.

Shirley Rufin (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) focuses on the taboo of nudity in post-colonial
Caribbean societies. She uses the photographic image as a tool to manipulate reality.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart (Guadeloupe – lives/works in France and the United States) is a jazz
saxophonist. His impressionistic writing, powerful tone, and wide-ranging language – both lyrical and
angular – have fueled a growing presence on the world stage.

Kelly Sinnapah Mary’s (Guadeloupe – lives/works in Guadeloupe) work focuses on the identity
building process within the colonial post-slavery period, often characterized by domination.

Artists (Tout-Monde Teens)

Ronald Cyrille (Guadeloupe – lives/works in Guadeloupe) is a young contemporary artist. His youth in
Dominica, surrounded by unique landscapes and Caribbean way of life, fed his imagination as he
became an artist. Today, his inspiration comes from his interest for street art, where he is known as

Guillaume Lorin (Guadeloupe – lives/works in France) worked on several animation projects before
creating its first film “Vanille”. This modern tale expresses Guillaume’s own Caribbean imagination by
presenting the adventure of a little Caribbean girl in quest for identity.

Black Kalagan’s (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) early passion for Creole and French sounds
and words grows in the streets and later in France, before he finally returns to his native land for a
first slam scene, which marked a turning point in his artistic life and freedom of expression.

Academics and authors

Yarimar Bonilla (Puerto Rico – lives/works in the United States) is Associate Professor of
Anthropology and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of Non-Sovereign
Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment, which gave inspiration to the
curators’ definition of “Hétéronomonde”. She explores the notions of sovereignty, citizenship, and
race across the Americas.

Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique – lives/works in Martinique) is a French Caribbean author. He won
several awards and distinctions among which the Prix Goncourt and was chosen as a New York
Times Notable Book of the Year. He is the author of the Éloge de la créolité « In Praise of Creolness »
alongside with Jean Bernabé and Raphaël Confiant.

Michael Dash (Trinidad-and-Tobago– lives/works in New York City) is a Professor of French
Literature, Thought and Culture who focuses on the work of Edouard Glissant and the Caribbean –
specifically Haitian-culture.


Monday, February 26th – VIP PRE-LAUNCH RECEPTION &
(By invitation only – Undisclosed Venue)

6.30pm: Arrival

7 pm: Introduction and presentation of the Tout-Monde Festival

  • Consul General : welcoming speech, presenting partners and sponsors
  • Vanessa Selk, Festival Director: introduces Tout-Monde Festival and Curators
  • Claire Tancons & Johanna Auguiac, Festival Curators : presentation of Hétéronomonde

7.15 pm: Press conference (journalists only)
7.45 pm: A presentation of the French Caribbean Islands
8 pm-9 pm: Caribbean drinks and Networking Event

Day 1 – Thursday, March 1st – Pérez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd. Miami // +1 305 375 3000

6 pm-6.20 pm: Opening speeches (Auditorium)

Moderation and introductions by Vanessa Selk, Director and Founder of the Festival.

  • Presentation of the partnership by Tobias Ostrander, Chief Curator at the Pérez Art Museum Miami
  • Presentation of the Festival by Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural Counselor, French Embassy in the USA
  • Christiane Taubira, Cultural Ambassador of the Tout-Monde Festival

6.20 pm: Inaugural Conference (Auditorium)

  • Introduction and presentation by Edwidge Danticat, Moderating author
  • Patrick Chamoiseau & Michael Dash in conversation: “Edouard Glissant’s Tout-Monde:
    relevance and significance in politics and arts.” Followed by Q/A from the audience.

7.20 pm: Hétéronomonde, Tout-Monde Festival first edition (Auditorium)

  • Introduction of Hétéronomonde Edition 2018-2019 by Claire Tancons & Johanna Auguiac, Festival Curators
  • Duo performance by Léna Blou & Jacques Schwarz-Bart : dance and musical improvisation on jazz

8.00 pm-9 pm: Peace Offering (Portico)

  • VIP reception (by invitation only)

Day 2 – Friday, March 2nd – Wolfsonian Museum-FIU
1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach // +1 305 531 1001

6.00 pm-7.15 pm: Caribbean short-film program curated by Third Horizon:
“Tezen” Haiti/France | 2016 | Directed by Shirley Bruno | 26 min. Followed by Q&A with Shirley
Bruno conducted by Jason Fitzroy Jeffers.

7.15 pm-8 pm: “Protect me” and “Figure One” installations by Kenny Dunkan, (on view through
March), permanent collection of the Wolfsonian Museum–FIU. Informal tour with the artist and

8 pm-8.30 pm: Conversation with Kenny Dunkan (Wolfsonian Café).

8.30 pm – 8.45 pm: “Back to Basics” Live performance by Kenny Dunkan (Bridge Tender House).


Tout-Monde Teens

5 pm-6 pm: “Get on Board! A Caribbean cruise through The Wolfsonian’s archives”, a pedagogic tour
and explanation of a small exhibition of The Wolfsonian archives on Caribbean cruises and ships.
Curated by Frank Luca, Chief Librarian, Adjunct Professor of History, Wolfsonian–FIU. Show open
through March 3th.


Day 3 – Saturday, March 3rd- Little Haiti Cultural Complex
212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami // +1 305 960 2969

2-3 pm: Yarimar Bonilla, Claire Tancons & Johanna Auguiac in conversation: “Hétéronomonde”
(class room).

3 pm-3.30 pm: Performance by Jean-François Boclé, Title TBC (Plaza and Caribbean Market).

4 pm-5 pm: “Le cri de mes racines », a duo dance performance and visual poem dedicated to Haïti by
Josiane Antourel and Yna Boulangé.

5.30 pm-6.30 pm: Caribbean short-film program curated by Third Horizon: “Mommy Water”
Guadeloupe | 2015 | Directed by Julien Siloray |25 min. Screening followed by audience discussion
on French-Caribbean film and folk stories, facilitated by Tezen director Shirley Bruno (Amphitheatre).

7 pm-8.15 pm: “Notebook of a return to my native land” by Aimé Césaire, Theatre Recital with
Jacques Martial (Amphitheatre).


Tout-Monde Teens

11 am-5 pm: “Watch out, Soukounyan!” A workshop to create your own storyboard on a famous
Caribbean legend. Workshop led by Guillaume Lorin, animation film director from Guadeloupe who
directed the movie Vanille, in partnership with Édouard Duval-Carrié, Haitian-American artist who
created a series on Soukounyan.

Ongoing at The Wolfsonian –FIU:

5 pm-6 pm: “Get on Board! A Caribbean cruise through the Wolfsonian’s archives”, a pedagogic tour
and explanation of a small exhibition of the Wolfsonian archives on Caribbean cruises and ships.
Curated by Frank Luca, Chief Librarian, Adjunct Professor of History, Wolfsonian Museum.

Day 4 – Sunday, March 4th
– Mana Wynwood
2400 NW 5th Avenue, Miami // +1 305 573 0371

11 am-12 pm: Festival Curators, artists & public in conversation: “Tout-Monde at a round-table”.

2 pm-3 pm:Hétéronomonde”. A collective visual arts/photography exhibition with selected works
from Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Robert Charlotte, Julien Creuzet, Mirtho Linguet, Mathieu Kleyebe
Abonnenc, Shirley Rufin, Adler Guerrier, Jilian Mayer, Loriel Beltran. Presentation of the artworks by
the Festival Curators.

4 pm-5 pm: Caribbean short-film program curated by Third Horizon:
Martinique | 2016 | Directed by Khris Burton | 27 min
Trafik D’Info
Guadeloupe | 2005 | Directed by Janluk Stanislas | 10 min
Martinique | 2013 | Directed by Maharaki | 13 min

5pm-5.15pm: Installation and performance by Julien Creuzet (tbc).

Tout-Monde Teens

3 pm-4 pm: “Tout-Monde Live: the urban art show”, three Caribbean artists, muralist Ronald Cyrille,
slammer Black Kalagan and a Miami-based dancer (TBC) unite to create a spectacular street art
performance illustrating the “Whole-World” of Edouard Glissant. Show curated by Street Art for
Mankind, a non-profit platform uniting street artists committed to end children’s trafficking in the world.



Sunday, March 4th – Little Haiti Cultural Complex
212 NE 59th Terrace, Miami // +1 305 960 2969

7.30 pm: Final Caribbean cocktail

8 pm: Closing Ceremony and Tout-Monde Award (Auditorium)

  • Mr. Clément Leclerc, Consul general of France in Miami
  • Mrs. Christiane Taubira, Cultural Ambassador of the festival
  • Mrs. Sylvie Glissant
  • Edouard Duval-Carié, Tout-Monde Jury President
  • Tout-Monde Award winner

8.30 pm: Caribbean buffet dinner for artists, partners and private guests (Lobby)

9.30 pm-1 am: After party with Caribbean DJ (Lobby)


Press contact

Sarah Hamon

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