Anna Ravliuc‘s vibrant, vivid and emotional paintings reveal a refinement of colour. This soulful beauty is portrayed through her unique Expressionist-based approach.

Artworks by London-based Anna Ravliuc are like a grand operatic spectacle: classical scenography, modern music and a cascade of lights and colours. In fact, it’s hard to believe these classical horses, harlequins, flowers and landscapes belong to a contemporary fine artist.

Ravliuc’s characters emerge into an unrestricted space. Flowers are not limited by the vase, actors not by the stage. Each spectator is both actor and director in a large country of shapes and colours.

‘(Ravliuc’s) work speaks of other worlds with hidden powers and limitless possibilities. The imagery is highly imaginative and saturated with a fiery passion and artistic invention.’ (Agora Gallery New York, 2009)

‘Delicate and strong, real and mythological, pastel and bold, Anna’s paintings do not fail to transport the viewer into a world of their own, familiar at times, otherworldly at others.’ (The Jordan Times, 2009)

Personal Expressionism

A student of the Russian art school, Anna uses bright and bold colours to reflect her strong nature. Her unique style, centred upon Expressionism, is the fruit of an ongoing struggle with herself.

Combining classic and modern

Anna manipulates every layer of oil paint and engages the luminous canvas, allowing it to breathe its purity next to the pencil lines and texturized brushstrokes. Multi-coloured drops interact with the light, changing colours and shapes, while the painting seems to tremble and vibrate.

Action unfolding in real space

Anna Ravliuc has been exhibited in over 100 exhibitions throughout Europe and USA. For Anna, each exhibition is a new story.

Current exhibition

View at: Zari Gallery, 73, Newman Street,
London W1T 3EJ


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