Brazil a charming place to sample



The region of Agulhas Negras is situated in the Centre-South of Rio de Janeiro. In this charming place there are two main tourist attractions: the district of Penedo, known for its chocolate and Visconde de Maua, and old village.

The region of Agulhas Negras is famous for its cuisine. The “trout” fish is the steeple for many of the dishes, there is also a great fondness for soups and the pine nut. There is a wealth of food to sample that is not only healthy but tasty too.

For sunshine and a beach haven head to: Rio de Janeiro

For culture: Sao Paulo

For business and events: Rio Grande do Sul

For Nature: Parana

Rio de Janeiro has splendour that is unparalleled. It is a landmark for holiday goers, not just for its hospitable staff but also for its many great festivals and carnivals, bringing in tourism by the millions, it is the one place on earth where you can party and not feel bad for doing so. Rio de Janeiro expects you to live it up and party into the early hours of the morning in the many bars and clubs.

Whether you decide to go to the northern, central west, southern, north-eastern or south-eastern region just make sure you make the trip of a life time to Brazil.

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