Eliminate wrinkles with these super foods

Wide Angle Blueberries

Nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing a wrinkled face staring back at them. It is an inconvenient truth that as we age our skin loses its elasticity and leads to lines developing, particularly around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. These lines will become deeper and more prominent as we get older. No one can avoid wrinkles but there are steps you can take to minimize the appearance of these lines without resorting to the surgeon’s knife.

Avoiding smoking, sun damage and excessive alcohol intake will all help to keep your skin youthful, as will keeping well hydrated and adopting a rigorous skin care routine. But on top of these healthy lifestyle choices there are three ‘skin care foods’ that can help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts:

All nuts contain varying amounts of vitamin A, which helps the development of skin cells, and healthy fats that help to produce collagen and maintain skin elasticity. Brazil nuts also contain selenium, which is a mineral known for its effect on the skin. Selenium increases skin elasticity and can delay the signs of ageing on the skin. Some studies have shown that it could also neutralize the effects of sun damage and prevent skin cancer. Brazil nuts also contain zinc, which can reduce skin cell inflammation and increase collagen production.


Salmon is rich in protein, which is needed to repair broken skin cells, and Omega-3 fatty acid, which the skin cells require to function properly. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that maintains the structure of the cells, ensuring that nutrients are absorbed and waste products are removed.


Blueberries are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that can fight the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. They contain powerful antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals that can damage our skin, and several different nutrients that can help your skin to regain its elasticity by producing collagen.

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