Werley Nortreus is a self-effacing man with lofty aspirations in life, and he’s determined to achieve his goals one step at a time. Born in Cap-Haïtien and raised in Port-au-Prince, one of his greatest goals is to help his homeland earn the respect and position in the global community as viewed through his own eyes. His love and admiration for his home country are evident when you speak with him.

Nortreus is proud to have been born and raised in the Caribbean, and the culture and its ethnicity mean everything to him. It has influenced his life work:

“I was born in Cap-Haïtien, but raised in Port-au-Prince. I love Haiti so much, and I love my skin colour so much. I’ve always believe, that black is beautiful and it’s true. The Haitian culture and arts are the best and they are fun to enjoy. I promoted my culture and Haiti in songs that I wrote, and in events.”

Nortreus, author and musician, turned entrepreneur, believes, “Together we can change the world. All it takes is a little technology, some inspirational music, and a positive outlook on life. Oh, and it takes some extreme determination as well.” It’s a good thing that Nortreus has all these characteristics, and then some!

Pursuing a Passion

The passion for music that Nortreus possesses is clear to anyone who speaks with him. He didn’t come from a musical family; in fact, he is the only member of his family that plays an instrument or sings. From his earliest memories, he recalls being obsessed with music. To this day, no matter his other talents or pursuits, he makes time to practice his music, so he stays sharp.

Like any good musician, Nortreus is no one-trick-pony. He can play the drums and went to school for piano and keyboard lessons. The first musical instrument he purchased was a keyboard. Growing up in Haiti, music wasn’t just something he pursued in his own right. He found inspiration and passion for song even as a young child. He remembers the first song he ever heard, a Haitian song entitled “Yon Chans Pou Ayiti” by Masters.

When it comes to music, Nortreus’ love spreads across genres. Though he can sing from any genre, he focuses on Christian and Gospel music. His fondest memory of his musical career to date is that of a church choir:

“During 2003-2008, I was in a Church choir and I sang at so many places across Haiti. The choir took me to concerts, festivals, and other events to sing. Then in 2008, I started my own Christian rap group called “True Men of God”, the members and I performed at so many places across Haiti and Dominican Republic.”

In truth, his passion for music is driven by song and lyric, just as much as it is driven by God. He first sang in front of people at church when he was just 6. As an older individual, he joined the choir at church and even went as far as starting his own group.

Spreading Positivity through Song

Every musician has a different view of their music, and Nortreus is no exception. Some singers simply take their talent on the road to share their sounds with others. Some might use music to raise money for charitable causes. While Nortreus has used his success in music to bring relief and assistance to those in need in his homeland of Haiti, as well as Africa, he also believes in spreading a message of hope and positivity with his lyrics:

“Well, all my songs are original, and they are encouraging. I make sure that I spread positive messages and inspiring words. Because of that, my audience love to connect with me because they always want to hear positive words and good vibe.”

Sometimes though, an individual must take action to direct the course of their own future. Nortreus can only spread positivity and inspiration, so far, through song and music. That’s why this musician and author has taken on the role of entrepreneur in launching a global mass media brand that seeks to lift people away from despair and toward happiness, by connecting them to the music they love, with a message that can uplift their spirits.

Ceraphin Corporation

In November 2016, Nortreus launched the “Ceraphin Corporation”, a collection of seven brands that seeks to bring people together to change the world for the better. Among the entities in this private corporation are his Ceraphin Magazine and the Ceraphin Radio Network. Twenty members launched the magazine. It serves as an online magazine and digital platform that publishes feature stories, interviews, and cultural news across varying topics. In the long-term, he aims to take its presence international with multiple editions, each with its own goal.

Meanwhile, the Ceraphin Radio Network takes advantage of technology to close the distance between people and lift those in despair to new heights through inspirational music. The network launched at the same time, and owns, an online radio station named Bon Dejeuner! Radio. Here, people can listen to their favourite songs, whole albums, live concerts, and even catch interviews and the latest news from across the Internet. His company’s reach is global thanks to technology, with listeners and readers in the US, Canada, Haiti, Dominican Republic, France, and the UK.

Three wishes

Nortreus is working to change the world with one positive, inspirational act at a time. He believes his music, and those of artists like him, has the power to help the world. Given even greater power, such as three magical wishes, he aims as high as he can set his sights:

“The first wish should be named “A New Haiti”, because I’ve always wanted to see Haiti become a significant country in the world. The second wish should be named “Werley Nortreus to become President of Haiti”, because I love Haiti so much and I will take all the risks and everything it takes to change the country. The last wish should be named “Haiti is the most powerful and respected country in the world”, because the country has suffered so much, and I believe it’s time for the country to get its power and respect back.”

For the time being, Nortreus will focus on improving his own skill set and building his Ceraphin Corporation to reach an even greater audience. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business/Finance and Theology and hopes to get Ceraphin Corporation on the path to greater growth.

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